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Above is the Zach Galifianakis Video Remix of Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothin'". This is sure to be on this months top 25, so I'll write more in depth about it later, but if you haven't seen it yet, it's the most hilarious thing I've seen all year.

If you haven't heard yet, Rhymesayers has re-released MF Doom's "MM..Food". I know a lot of people don't get down with it because there's essentially an 8 minute interlude right in the middle and peons don't have the attention span to handle such things, so they write off the entire album. ANYWAY, it's been re-released in a limited edition package that includes the CD, a brand new DVD, a poster and a sticker, all conveniently packaged in a candy wrapper. Now this is how people can get me to actually buy CD's again. Fifth Element Online is selling it for $18.99 postage paid which is a steal and a half. I ordered mine last night. It's Limited so don't dick around if you want to get this. Go here if you're interested.
You can also watch a promo clip for the re-issue.

Speaking of new CD's, I'm going to be doing some reviews eventually for the aforementioned MM Food re-release, along with a couple records I purchased a couple weeks ago by "Local Talent" and an up and coming rapper was supposed to be sending me his CD for review, so yeah, that too.

I was also toying with the idea of doing writeups for records I considers "Albums of the Decade". Fuck a album of the year list. That's boring. As far as the rap is concerned, the handful that stick out for me are Quasimoto "The Unseen", Cannibal Ox "Cold Vein", Madvillain "Madvillain", and Three 6 Mafia "When The Smoke Clears". Then there's some non rap stuff I would consider like, M.I.A. "Arular", American Nightmare "Background Music", maybe that Go Team record, maybe the first Arcade Fire record. I don't really know. Any of you anonymous readers have suggestions for Albums of the Decade?

Finally, back to Madvillain. Since I never actually post up real records, I figured I'd be generous and pass this along. Longtime Madvillain/MF Doom/Madlib fans may remember that the record that would later become "Madvillainy" leaked onto the internet several months before it was officially released. These were basically demos of stuff that would appear on the official album. I still had that CD laying around, so I figured I'd throw it up for any interested parties. If you've never heard "Madvillainy", I wouldn't really suggest listening to this. This is strictly for hardcore Madvillain dorks such as myself. The obvious difference is that this is 15 tracks as opposed to 22. Outside of that, just about all of the titles are different, the sequencing is different, and some of the songs minimally differ from the album versions, but it's fun to listen to if you've never heard it before and you've listened to "Madvillainy" nine thousand times like me.

Here you go. Tracklisting is included. Not that it matters.

Madvillain - MF Doom & Madlib Are Madvillain

Raven is supposed to have some new top secret poll he won't tell me about coming up hopefully tonight. So look out for that too.