EWA Jambox

Devin the Dude wins again. In the Jambox's short internet history, this is the greatest song ever. Or my challenger choices suck. Well, Mike Dikk finally came through with a pair of contenders this time to try and knock off "What a Job" (on a five poll winning streak I think), and theme to the challengers is fresh shit from rap nerd favorites (or should-be rap nerd favorites in one case). Here's the rundown...
THE RETURNING CHAMPION - Devin the Dude's "What a Job" featuring Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 - off the Waitin to Inhale CD, but you knew that by now.
CHALLENGER #1 - EMC's "What It Stand For" - first song leaked by the new indie rap super-group of Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth, and Stricklin. I have yet to actually listen to it, but will do so shortly after making this post. I like Wordsworth, and love Masta Ace, but hate Punchline, so I feel like that Mr. Show skit about cock rings.
CHALLENGER #2 - The Freestyle Professors "Hear What I Hear" - Mike made me listen to this CD, except not hard enough because I forgot to listen to any of it before the link went dead, only left with this song. I like it, and makes me wish I had stole the rest of their Vintage EP while it was freshly stole for my convenience.