You probably already noticed Raven's post below, which officially marks the new dawn of Dumpin. Now Dumpin will be a multiple person blog, and of course most of you were already under the assumption it was a multiple person blog since every other post has at least two people speaking, but NOW it will be multiple people in the way where they can post things whenever they want, and I've finally let loose on my ego maniacal grip where I have to be the one who calls the shots. Over the next few weeks/months, I will be adding some more Dumpin "Staff members". What I'd ultimately like to do is steer Dumpin toward a more magazine style format, where there will be one or two posts per day (except weekends of course) by different people. We are still not sure if we're going to delve into other media besides music, but it's an option as of right now.

If you have some kind of retardation that keeps you from running your own blog like the rest of the world, and you are a decent enough humorous writer and would like to be added to the fold (either as an every day writer or an EWA Monthly 25 contributer), please give me a holler. My e-mail address is over there on the top, but if you would like to discuss this in a more intimate setting you can hit me up on AIM at mikedikkwst. If you want to hit me up on the low, my number is 281-330-8004.

Download: David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust - Changes (Live version)