Where I'm From...(Oaktown, son!)

So...for those of you who read Mike's post, *I'm* that bitch he was talking about. My name is Sun and I am from somewhere in CA, namely the LA area. Yeah, I work in the pornography business but as Mike said in his roundabout and funny way...BEHIND the camera. Before we even continue, NO I don't perform or do scenes, nor is that ever going to be on my agenda. I've done a lot of shit in the business, sales, marketing, publicity - on the corporate/business level. On the production level, I've worked as a Production Manager and Production Assistant, and hell, I even made beats. (Yes, beats. Not the bow-chicka-bow-wow shit either.) And because I know people are curious, what the fuck does a PM or a PA in porn do? Well, I planned the scenes, scheduled the guy, the girl, the director, the makeup artist, the location...and then once on set, in the Production Assistant capacity, I got the paperwork and IDs together, got the girl dressed and in makeup, and then I did cleanup of the set afterwards. Yes, I know pornstars and hang out with them, no, there's no such thing as fluffers, and no, I won't hire you to work on set. But enough about porn.

Yeah, I'm a hip hop fan. I was born many moons ago (I'm a big girl now, 'bout the same age as Mike and Raven) in a tiny little town right outside of Oakland and lived there till Kindergarten. We were the only damn Asian family or for that matter, non-black family for miles. I grew up listening to my dad's friends play jazz and rhythm and blues, which somewhat naturally progressed into a love for hip hop. Unfortunately my parents were all hardcore traditional, so I didn't exactly get to seriously listen to hip hop until I was about 16. So I'll go on record to say that I don't quite know as much as my friends who were real hip hop heads. My knowledge about hip hop and music in general has odd gaps in it in weird places, there's shit I'll be up on that's really obscure, and stuff I got no clue about that's really obvious. However, as Tribe Called Quest said once...I'm about beats, rhymes and life. My whole life seems to revolve around music. I love to sing and dance. Everything I do, everywhere I go, I'm listening to music. I love hip hop in general - the "hardcore" rap music, the R&B thug shit, the alternative hip hop, backpacker shit, underground, hell, even the shitty club music that only bitches who wanna get jiggy with it like. (Despite being a hip hop fan, I DO like to dance as I said, so even I'll admit to liking the club hits.) My recent claim to fame is that a professor of mine in my last semester of college, for my Intercultural Communication class, decided to write a textbook, and a couple of the chapters have to deal with hip hop culture, which she consulted me (and a lot of other people) on, and I'm in her book. I also like a lot of alternative and electronica.

About the rest of me - I'm a contradiction in terms. I'm about breaking paradigms. Fuck being a typical sheep. Most of the shit I write about on my own blog (ohthatvixen.blogspot.com) is me being an angry minority female. Don't worry, I'm not quite as angry as bell hooks is. And here I'll try to keep the anger down to a minimum, and keep my topics music related somehow. Actually Mike said if I felt like it I could also write about porn, and because it'd amuse him, my main hobby these days, playing World of Warcraft. Yes, I'm one of those god damned computer geeks that plays WoW. So I'll end this lengthy as fuck autobiographical statement with: For the Horde, BITCHES!