Detrol LA

This shit is real. I am not making this up. I did not hire actresses and actors to shoot a commercial for some joke product. Also, this is not some crappy sketch show reenactment. This is a real product and a real commercial for said product, aired on real television. This is Detrol LA.

This is a drug made to make you not have to pee. You know, because having to pee always comes at the worst times and it's not like people can afford to be all going to the bathroom all the time and shit.

P.S. If you stumbled on this because you googled Detrol LA so that you can find out more about it, let me be the first to say HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DORK! Tell those little fuckers to wait a minute because if you don't go squirt you're gonna start handing out detentions.


Buncocky Cast Episode 19: Hey, a Canoe!

Buncocky Episode 19: Hey, a Canoe! Jay and Mike take a magical journey into the world of new presidencies, Canoe Building, and Mike's lonely Rhode Island life. Jay leaves the seat up and Mike expresses his love for all things competitive. Mike cops to being autistic and tells us how his grandfather mentally molestered him. Michael learns his girlfriend wants to get busy with Tony Todd and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

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Jay and Mike


Brett Favre and the Good Ole Boys

I saw this Wrangler's commercial with Brett Favre and his close and personal friends playing a muddy game of Abercrombie football. It made me a little bit nervous. What would you think if these assorted nuts and berries were walking down the street together, all wearing dirtied Wrangler jeans and giving each other high fives and piggy back rides?

If I were black, gay, or a woman I'd be very scared. These guys seem primed for a hate crime or a raping, or maybe even both. And they can't fool me by editing a black dude onto the offensive line. I know crafty special effects when I see them.