Project Pat - Crook by Da Book: The Fed's Story

New Project Pat! New Project Pat!

I've been waiting for this release for a long while now. It's the first real HCP release since Three Six won the Oscar. There's been a lot of speculation (Well, between me and my friends) on whether or not Three 6 would be mailing it in after winning the Oscar, since they really don't have much else to accomplish.

Project Pat is the only solo Hypnotized Camp artist to actually have consistently listenable records. What a lot of people don't realize is that his last record, Layin' Da Smack Down contained a lot of the same production elements that would later make Three 6's The Most Unknown Unknowns such a big hit. So for me, this record was like watching your favorite teams pre-season game. This would give me some sort of an idea of what the upcoming Three 6 CD would sound like.

I wouldn't go as far as saying this is as good as Layin' Da Smack Down, but it's pretty great still. It's not much of a departure from the current Three 6 sound, which is definitely a good thing. The only song that isn't that great is "High Off The Ground", which is some kind of ode to Fast & Furious style extreme motorcycle riding. I hope this was for a soundtrack or something.

Outside of that, it's the same old Project Pat with the same melodic flow you can't fuck with. The stand out song would have to be "Crack A Head" that takes some weird sample of whistling and adds the best and craziest Miami Vice Cocaine synths I've ever heard to it. Since the subject matter is wanton violence, I doubt this will become a single, but it's worth a few thousand listens.

If this is any indicator, and it most likely is, the new Three 6 release should be just as strong as their last three. Especially if Lord Infamous actually makes a comeback.

The record is not officially out, but if I'm blog reviewing it, that means you can find it out there on the great old internets.


Sorry for the lack of....anything

I was missing the internet for a while. I just got it back today. Next up is a project that should last around 25 years. The top 100 Hip Hop Jamz of All Time (according to the super mysterious E.W.A. Hip Hop Preservation Society). More to come....