MR.SR. Battle - Upper New England prelim

So here's the first stupid grouping for this thing, with a poll put up at the right for you to vote on.
First up, from the far northeast corner of America, meaning Maine, where I once had a shitty job raking blueberries with illegals, is Labseven, out of Portland, which, if I remember correctly, is the only part of Maine where people read books and shit. Personally, I enjoyed Maine well enough, they had McLobster sandwiches at the Mickey D's, but I left broke, which I guess should be expected since I went broke. Labseven is an MC collective and is opening a show for Jedi Mind Tricks upcoming, so at least they're playing out.
Right to the west of them is one of the most purtiest states I ever went to, New Hampshire, and representing the Live Free or Die state in this group is The 603 Kings. I'm really gonna try to be cool about all this, but there's a lot about The 603 Kings myspace page that is the shit I find funniest about rapper myspace pages (dorm room pics, ringtone sales), but whatever. Dizzy Dave Tastic and Jamisha tha Damaja are doing their thing, and that's what's important.
To the left of that is Vermont, which if I remember correctly is basically a bunch of hippies. The Aztext are gonna be representing Vermont, and them dudes have self-released records featuring Wordsworth on a track (also on their songs available as well).
And finally in this group of four is Massachusetts, which easily has the largest hip hop history of these four states. Reppin' Massachusetts will be Mr. Lif, who you probably have heard of since you're on the internet and into rapping music. He's one of those indie rappers of consciousness who always seems to be on tour forever and a day, so you can probably check him out live if you want to in the next couple months.
Check out the four pages, listen to some myspace rapper tracks, and then vote in the poll at the right. I think it'll be set up where you can vote for however many you want, but I haven't done it yet, so no promises.