EWA Jambox

So Devin the Dude's feature song of his lackluster Waitin' to Inhale CD wins again for the third time in a row. I thought Kanye might give him a run for the money, being mad dorks are into Kanye as the new whatever the fuck is supposed to be good, but luckily he lost. This time, the theme to the challengers is some down south ignorant shit, since everybody hates ignorant shit and also hates the south. I am ignorant as fuck and from the south, at least the northern end of it, so I figured I might as well bring the stupid. Oh yeah, not just southern shit but dudes with weird voices. This thing is an Expert Whiteboyz/Dumpin cross-project, so check out both sides of that relationship wherever you start from. Also, please feel free to suggest semi-recent songs to be included in this thing. Mike's supposed to be helping me with this but he don't do shit for it really, which means this is probably about two weeks from being nothing but Fat Pat freestyles. So here's the rundown on this new jambox poll...
CHAMPION: Devin the Dude feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 - What A Job - You know the deal, as I've wroted about this one a few polls in a roll.
CHALLENGER #1: Lil Wayne - My Daddy - This is off Da Drought 3 mixtape, which has amazed me because it's been hyped up in a couple of fucking print magazines I've gotten recently as the greatest shit ever, even after the internet retardedly hyped it up whenever it was this came out. I do no understand this at all. This was a shitty mixtape, which a lot of mixtapes seem to be lately, and I guess this was a stand-out song amidst the shit, but I've seen this particular song quoted (I think there was some music critic nerd "stream of consciousness brilliance of Lil Wayne" talking point memorandum sent out about all those "Scott Storch can I borrow your yacht" part of the song. Whatever. It is a choice for you to decide if you think it is awesomer than the other songs.
CHALLENGER #2: Gorilla Zoe - Hood Nigga - Gorilla Zoe has a great voice and is one of the newest trap dealer rappin' fool flavors of the month. I don't mind him yet, but I'm sure that'll go away fast enough. Actually, that "Coffee Shop" song or whatever with him and Yung Joc or Young Dro or whoever the fuck sorta is already testing my patience, because of the inanity of that track. Nonetheless, this song, which is already a few months old and in "remix" cycle featuring trumped up guests, is a fun enough song if you're into ignant shit like I am. And let's be honest, one of the greatest thing about an open-minded society - truly open-minded - is breeding amongst the races, because that creates more beautiful bi-racial babies, and who amongst us does not love a yellowbone ho?