Who Am I?

Hi, I am Raven Mack and now Mike has allowed me to be part of his kind of music blog. Together, we have a sister blog to this site called Xpert Whiteboyz, and that's where I've mostly posted my dumb shit in recent months, but no one really goes there unlesss they google search for pictures of Cutlasses on 26 inch rims. Together, me and Mike have founded the Expert Whiteboy Analysis school of hip hop higher knowledge. On the internets, everybody is a fucking misunderstood genius who has a stupid ass blog where they can wax poetic and wane pathetic about all the dumb shit they think is awesome. Which is what we do too. Except we know that being a white dude talking about Tha Rillest Shit Evar on the internet is fucking stupid. Fucking stupid. So is having a blog and thinking people give a fuck what you have to say. Which is why in all likelihood I'll eventually abandon the Xpert Whiteboyz blog and just start posting my retardedness here instead. Then again I might not.
It is a nice non-humid night, and I have 8 Old Milwaukee beers left, plus a couple of warm Yuenglings in the back of my truck from this afternoon's leftovers, and two vicodins somebody gave me the other day. I am probably going to go outside, where I might go to the camper trailer that has an extension cord running to it from the window on the far side of my house, where power is fed to the camper for mixer turntables red light CD burner word processor plus other stupid shit like a mad science hobo laboratory, where I do absolutely nothing greatly creative except play old 12-inch singles real fucking loud and get fucked up. I own five acres because I am a whiteboy so banks give me loans, so I can turn the giant 100 lb. speakers I found at the dump up as loud as they go, which is loud because that shit was made in the '70s of weird materials that are probably giving me cancer. Or if I don't feel like doing that, I may go sit in my truck with it on and running, getting fucked up listening to the stupid satellite radio I know find myself with because I just found out DJ Premier has a show on from midnight to 2 on Friday nights. I do not give a fuck about global warming so I like to sit in the truck while it's running all the time, sometimes I leave it running just so it's nice and cool when I get in, even though I won't be in it for another thirty minutes or so. I work outdoors so if global warming continues, great, it means I can work through the wintertime, and in summertime it'll be too hot to work so I can go to the river and take pills and fish for catfish that also probably will give me cancer as well.
So that's who I am. I thank Mike Dikk for affording me this valuable opportunity to pretend I know anything about everything. I'd post up a link to the myspace page for my stupid sorta rapping group, but that'd be too internet of me. I'd also give out my email address, but instead of hot bitches wanting to exchange perverted haikus with me, it'd just be some dorky dude wanting to exchange blogspot links or wondering if I had the Casual "I Didn't Mean To" 12-inch ripped to my computer. Which I haven't. I have tried plugging the extension cord from the camper into the power strip by my computer, and playing the shit outside in the camper while hitting record on the audacity program on my computer, but nothing ever shows up. I think I'm using the wrong filters or some shit.