Awkward Moments in Rap History (Part 1)

So I had some ideas for a few news posts to revive this blog that revolved around video content. Mainly because it's easy to throw up a video and everyone loves watching videos instead of reading. I have one idea that I planned to open with, but then I stumbled across this video and decided to start it off with my back up idea. Without further ado......


I came up on these videos completely by accident, so I don't have much background, but I can tell you, I have a hard time watching these without cringing and looking away. Sooooo awkward. For your viewing pleasure, here is a rap group called 501st A.D. performing at their first show (which appears to be some kind of talent show). 501st A.D. is a multi-culti Star Wars themed rap group and well, yeah.....

501st A.D. - Sandtroopahs Gitt Dirtty

501st A.D. - Galactic War



Hi guys.

I'm not sure how many of you are still checking this blog, but I wanted to let you know, I do plan on reviving it in some capacity in the near future, ut more importantly, the domain name will be expiring sometime in August (www.dumpin.net). It probably won't be renewed right away for a couple reasons. First of all, I just moved and I am broke and jobless (If you have a job hookup in the Providence RI area, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!!) so I don't have the extra money to be buying domain names for sites I hardly update. Secondly, I was planning on letting it run out anyway because I wanted to switch the company I buy the domain name from. Partly because it is near impossible to figure out how to re-direct the URL properly (example: if you type in www.dumpin.net, it will bring you to this page, but it will revert back to the blogspot url in the address bar and it's not supposed to do that!) and also because I bought the domain name from a Euro site back when the American dollar was still stable but now it will probably cost me like 400 million dollars to renew. I don't know if there's a grace period or if I can buy the domain name from a different site a day after it expires from the original one, so www.dumpin.net could be not working anywhere from a day to 6 months.

Either way http://dumpindumpin.blogspot.com will always be working, even if it's a few more letters to type out.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will updae soon. Maybe.