Host & Parasite - demo


Host & Parasite are a new band from the big city of Albany featuring dudes who were in other bands at some point in time. They play fast and noisy metallic hardcore sort of like the earlier Backstabbers Inc stuff and The Swarm before they discovered the sloooow doomy breakdown cumshot. There's also no Canadian smugness here in case that was something that kept you from listening to the Swarm.

The recording is pretty good for just a demo. The songs are very quick and to the point. There's no real bullshit to make you lose attention. I don't want to go over anyone's head, but these 4 tracks are much akin to an aural equivalent of Jacques De Baroncelli's work on films like Le Calvaire de Cimiez and Je serai seule apres minuit.

Anyway, if you're looking for something short and fast and you prefer Burger King's extreme american spin on poutine to the more authentic candian slop poutine, then you should check this out. It will only take five minutes and you can find most or all of it on myspace.

Host & Parasite on Myspace