You So Crazy - Random Musings

So as my first real post on Dumpin, I decided to inaugurate it by being myself - meaning an angry minority woman. I know what you're thinking, I'm gonna talk about my period or some such nonsense. Well, you're wrong. Don't worry, I hate talking about being on the rag as much as ya'll hate hearing about it, that's one topic that I'll NEVER talk about.

Anyway. So my professor who had me in her book decided to invite me and the other people she interviewed for it for dinner at her house. I was excited because how often do you get to sit around with educated people to talk about hip hop, right? Boy, was I wrong.

So. There we are talking about this and that, and then we finally get to talking about hip hop artists. Of course I'm all excited till we start talking about Southern hip hop. Now, call me lame, call me old school, call me whatever, but bottom line is, I haven't liked much rap music out of the South in the last 3 years or so. Wait, actually let's get it straight. I do like Southern hip hop - mainly coming out of Atlanta. I don't much care for all the Houston rappers. As a quick reference, I liked Mike JONES (Who?!) when he first came out, only because all his publicity was really hype he generated off his own grass roots PR campaign. Gotta respect a man for trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Anyhow, I thought Paul Wall was all right, (I straight LAUGHED at him choking on that Redman freestyle though) liked UGK since their guest spot on "Big Pimpin" (Even though Pimp C was in jail at the time and Bun B pretty much came through on his own at first.) Slim Thug was all right too, although I'd never tell HIM I thought he was all right, he looks like a big scary dude who just don't give a fuck. I ain't heard shit from Aztek since "Draped Up" and I expected him to blow up after he signed with Def Jam. Then again, what the hell do I know, I haven't paid much attention to music lately.

Back to our conversation. So this one guy who I had previously respected, asked me who my favorite artists out of the South that I thought were the best from their region. First I said Scarface. I've liked him AND the Geto Boys since '91 when "My Mind's Playin' Tricks on Me" released, mainly because I kicked it with a bunch of gangsters in the hood and that's all I heard for a while. (Yes, I really did.) He nodded and acknowledged that. (Oh, I'd like to insert here that I'd been drinking, and I get loud and obnoxious when I drink.) Then he said, "Well that was an obvious choice, choose someone else." I thought for a minute and then said "Outkast". He immediately nixed this choice. "Nahhh man you can't say them...Outkast is like Colin Powell, they've transcended being hip hop artists, just like Colin Powell has transcended being considered a black man." I laughed but finally said, "All right, Ludacris." Dude straight up LOL'ed at ME. I mean LAUGHED OUT FUCKING LOUD. I was shocked and asked, "What?! Who do YOU think is the best??" And he had the nerve, the audacity, the SHEER GALL to say "T.I." My estimation and respect for him plummeted so quickly in the milliseconds after he said this that I almost fell off my chair from the shock. It hit me like a physical BLOW to the stomach.

I sat there, dumbfounded that he'd take such an absolutely preposterous stance on the matter. I said, "WHAT?!" I said, "Dude, seriously...ever heard 'WAR WITH GOD'...or how about the god damned 'Stomp' remix?! " He shrugged and tried to out-talk me and talk louder than me. Difficult thing to do especially when I've been drinking. He of course, couldn't come up with a compelling argument as to why T.I. was better, which means he was fucking wrong and didn't want to admit it. I finally had to tell him we'd move on in the "favorites" section because we weren't gonna agree. Then he had the nerve to tell me who was even better than both of them of course was Lil' Wayne. That made me roll my eyes because of course everyone and they MAMA is on the Lil' Wayne train. But we won't get into that, and anyway Raven talked about it earlier in a much more entertaining way than I could. Then some chick that was there (I almost never take what they say seriously on this topic...most girls don't know Paul Wall from Lil' Wayne for god's sake, or they wouldn't if it weren't for You Tube) tried to throw some shit out there by saying, "Oh yeah what about Goodie Mob?!" I straight rolled my eyes and ignored this bitch although what I REALLY wanted to say was, "Bitch what ABOUT Goodie Mob? Cee-Lo already bounced on the rest of Goodie Mob and crossed over with Gnarls Barkley! He said deuces and threw up a peace sign...He already left them BEHIND!"

Continuing on, we then started talking about West Coast rap. I rolled my eyes again because I already knew what was coming, so of course I wanna start shit right away. This time *I* had the nerve and audacity to spit some crazy talk. I said right off the bat: "I know what you're gonna say, and Tupac ain't it. He was all right in his early career but after Death Row, he lost it creatively." The dude almost spit out his drink at me and threw the steak he was eating at my face, I tell you. I mean it though. I'll be honest, I didn't really listen to "2Pacalypse Now" very much other than the single "Brenda's Got a Baby". Which I liked. I liked "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z." as well, of course, predominantly for "Guess Who's Back", "Keep Ya Head Up", and "I Get Around". "Me Against the World" was the LAST Tupac album I enjoyed. I pretty much thought Tupac was garbage after he hooked up for real with Death Row. The dude I was talking to was so dumbfounded at the apparent ri-god-damn-diculousness of my statement that he had to change the subject.

Yeah, moving on from Tupac, we then went into other hip hop artists from the West Coast, and this dude started talking about Black Eyed Peas. Now, I liked them all right BEFORE Fergie. Sure they needed to make that paper too, but damn, bringing on some dumb MILF bitch who can't sing and also pisses herself on stage too? Someone bring that woman a Depends. I didn't think incontinence started until later in life, but hey, whatever. After I said THIS shit to the guy I was talking to, he was pretty much done listening to what I had to say. He ended the conversation with this rhetorical question/answer/statement:

"You know what YOU are? You're a purist. People like you THINK you're staying true to the values of what you believe in, but you're really holding the game BACK, sister...you need to lighten up on people otherwise, how is anyone supposed to make some money?"

All I know is I don't care about other people making money, I'm talking about ME making money, and if I'm not, then I can feel free to talk shit about everyone else that IS, right? Isn't that how it works?