quick dumb update

Nothing really to see here. I was planning on doing an update tonight, but I ended up slacking so there will be some new shit to look at tomorrow. I'm 90% sure the EWA Monthly 25 will be up, and if not, a $20 Record Challenge will be posted. I'll explain what that is tomorrow for those who don't know.

I am on my way to dreamland, but the following blogs have had some awesome posts over the last couple weeks so go check them out: Tree Beats, When They Reminisce, Wake Your Daughter Up , Poisonous Paragraphs, From Da Bricks, Hip Hop Isn't Dead & Gold Teeth & Broken Tapes Not to mention the EWA blog. (Rumor has it the EWA blog and Dumpin will most likely congeal into one big blog, which means Dumpin will either be updated 400 times a day or 3 times a month depending on how slack we get.)