Solaris Earth Pipeline - Lounge Like You Mean It.


Solaris Earth Pipeline is somewhere under Underground Rap making them under-underground rap (I just made that up.) Maybe that's what the name means. Pipelines are usually underground. I'm sure I could just google it and find a logical explanation, but that's far too much work.

Anyway, SEP isn't something you're used to hearing. The rhyme patterns are pretty unorthodox, there's no hooks or choruses, the sampled beats kind of go wherever whenever. That's kind of the same way people would describe The Streets. I'm not sure if the dudes who made this CD have heard the Streets, but they probably wouldn't like the comparison, but I don't mean it in a bad way. This is like The Streets from a working class southern background instead of the working class english background. I find this much more interesting than The Streets and I can relate better to this since I'm actually a god damn 'Merican and not a Limey Brit.

Outside of The Streets comparison, this is really lo-fi hip hop. I know a lot of dudes in tight pants are making bedroom indie rock these days, but i've never heard bedroom hip-hop***. It's obviously something you're not going to shake your ass to, but that's not the appeal anyway. It's the drugged out beats and Raven's retarded stories and observations. Raven is probably the best writer I know of who isn't actually famous and it's good to see his writing skills transfer over to lyrics. What he lacks in actual "skills", (like rap "skills", not writing "skills"), he makes up for with interesting and completely unique content. This is shit you're going to have to settle down and listen to a bunch of times to really get it.

I would recommend this to any know it all assholes like myself who are always looking for something weird and unique to listen to so they can brag about it and burn copies for their friends. This is a rare gem that could end up going virtually unnoticed by basically everyone except a few lucky people, or it could be something one established hipster finds and orgasms over that would generate an instant buzz. I'm guessing it will stay under-underground, but who knows.

***To be truthful, I think this was made in a stand alone trailer. No shit!

SEP doesn't have Myspace but you can download '30 Pack' by clicking here.