Sinking Ships - Disconnecting

[Revelation Records]

Sinking Ships take a more melodic approach to "epic" hardcore, which was the "it" subgenre of hardcore in 2005. Just because it's melodic doesn't mean it's wimpy. They just fall closer to Verse as opposed to the miserable bastards in Modern Life is War.

They have a few songs that are a little more straightforward, which is a good thing. A lot of those epic bands don't mind meandering for an entire record. Sinking Ships is at their best when combining their more straight-laces Bane-esque approach with the melodic epic shit, like in the song "Target Practice", which is head and shoulders the best thing on here.

The lyrics are what you would expect. A lot of wanting to get out of this town and losing stuff and breaking stuff down and what not. If you are unhappy and angry with things you'll be into it.

It's good to see Revelation getting back to more umm...traditional bands. This and the EOAY CD are both solid releases from a label that had nothing that stuck out to me outside of Curl Up and Die since their Rev 100 release.

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