End of a Year - Disappear Here

[OneOhFive Records]

This is End Of A Year's first official full length release and it's a great one. EOAY seemlessly mix older D.C. style "Post Hardcore" with a slight dash of 90's Midwestern emo/Post Hardcore. There's some traditional rock in there too.

One of the truly unique things about this record is that it actually SOUNDS like it could have been recorded in the early or mid 90's. I don't know if this was intentional or it just all came together like that, but the recording and mastering fit the music so well, it's uncanny. The only real clue you get that this is a recent recording is the mention of being 'online' in one of the songs.

I don't really think you would need to be a previous fan of the styles mentioned above to enjoy this. EOAY are strong enough song writers and musicians to win over anyone. What especially stands out for me is the drumming which manages to stay busy and interesting (even when the music doesn't call for it) without going too overboard. It really compliments the overall spontaneouos feel of the guitar work.

Pat, the singer has really come into his own with his vocals. On previous releases, one could describe pat's voice as 'grating' or maybe even 'shrill', but the vocals were mixed perfectly and it sounds like Pat has learned to control his voice in a way as to not annoy the listener.

The lyrics however, are what really stand out for me. I rarely mention lyrics in these reviews, which is odd for someone who's only band obligation is to write lyrics and sing them, but I've come to terms and I fully realize most hardcore and metal lyrics are underwhelming and mediocre. So I only bother to mention them if I think they're really good or completely awful. EOAY's lyrical content just blows me away.

Whether it was intentional or not, all of the lyrics manage to capture...actually 'celebrate' would be a better term, a moment in life everyone goes through where you realize that maybe screaming and yelling and fighting everyone isn't the only way to accomplish something and that maybe you need to question your own inadequacies and fears and take a step back before moving forward, while still holding on to that youthful fire. This is very apparent in songs like 'I Hate Young People....' ("I'm past the age of angst supposedly, but when I'm here I find those old feelings take hold of me") and '60 Degrees 30 Seconds After it Rains' ("You say you have reservations, well so do i, but yours are to some shitty restaurant, and ours are about how we live our shitty lives"). This is easily one of the most lyrically strong records I've ever heard come out of Albany.

In closing, I think it goes without saying that End of A Year have managed to quietly craft what is possibly the best local release of the year. Highly Recommended.