Dear Tonight - These Are Wires

[Slave Union]

If you find yourself constantly looking for meaningful and abrasive music without worrying about the pretenses and boundaries of a specific style or fashion trend, then you should just skip this review and pick up this EP right now.
Dear Tonight play raw, uncompromising music. It's hard to put your finger on a certain style. The bio sites such bands as Angel Hair, Universal Order Of Armageddon and (old) Ink & Dagger. Personally, I think they sound like the band that bridges the gap between Frail and Ink And Dagger. It's so fierce and packs so much energy that it can be placed in the "more than just music" category after only a few listens.

The powerful music is complimented fully by very meaningful and well written lyrics (and explanations in the liner notes, which weren't really needed, but it's definitely a great and appreciated touch.). Some of them are more...political than others, but it's not anything your average person can't relate to.

It's hard to believe this is Dear Tonight's first release. The bio says nothing about their ex-member status, but I would find it very hard to believe that these guys weren't doing anything else before this band. Either way, this is a brilliant release and a hard kick in the pants 'the scene' needs. Let's hope they stay together (It seems most great bands break up quickly. That's me being pessimistic) and release a full length with the same results. Highly recommended (and it's cheap too!).