Dear reader,

Welcome to Dumpin.net. This is my (new) little place on the great wide information superhighway to review and discuss music. If you've accidentally stumbled onto this site, I used to do music reviews for Bystander Fanzine. I've also done reviews and worked on other things for countless print zines and since defunct websites. I've mainly done reviews on Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Indie, etc., but I hope to expand to other forms of music, since I'm kind of a hip hop nerd.

At some point, I'd like to expand this blog to more than just music reviews. I'd like to offer downloads, interviews, and other music related junk. If I turn into the internet giant I strive to become, I'll also add other writers down the road (and probably buy my own server space, so my "site" isn't just a lame re-direct to a blogspot page).

I'm posting some of the....better reviews I've done in the past to start things off. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling pretty fast and get new shit in for review A-SAP.

Thanks for your time!