Dez & Nobs - Behemoth

[Fingerprint Records]

When you're involved in a local music scene, no matter what genre, it's kind of hard to get behind your peers. You're so used to being told that local music sucks and you're only there to support the bigger touring acts that some kind of defensive mechanism kicks in where you can support other local acts, but to genuinely like them is hard. Especially in a place as small as Albany where everyone knows each other, and if they don't know each other, they're one degree separated. It's also a case of not wanting to seem like a dickrider. It's awkward to go over someone's house and hear them playing your CD, it's even more awkward for the kid playing the CD.

What I'm getting at is, "Behemoth" is a fucking genuinely awesome CD. I've had it for a couple months now and play it regularly. I probably live a mile away from one of these dudes and my good friend and fellow Bears fan (Tommy 'Blessed' Mcguire) did their cover art, but I don't care. This is something I'd burn for other people that aren't from here to show them what's up.

First off, Nobs is an amazing sample based producer. The beats are like a Best of Yo! MTV Raps vomiting in your CD player. For a more grounded point of reference, think Prince Paul on "The Cactus Album" or "Taste of Chocolate" but more boom-bap minded. Nobs definitely knows his drums, and he must have an epic record collection. He digs out a lot of great samples that have either never been used or used on a very low key level. Even the more well known samples are given a new life.

Its usually hard to tolerate a full length record these days with only one rapper and 0 guest appearances, but Dez does an excellent job of making you forget about that. He has a tight flow, and a high mastery of interesting metaphors. He's just not a brag rapper though, he's able to tell a story without any strain for interesting subject matter ('Beatrice'). He can also ride a beat perfectly, which is usually the main problem with any type of underground rap.

Also, DJ Gyro is on here cutting up some records, which is some shit that no one does mainstream wise anymore. I mean, people don't even know who DJ Scratch is anymore. That's a travesty.

In a time where rappers are making singles and not LP's, and Lil Wayne is considered a Top Ten MC, Dez & Nobs are a big breath of fresh air. Even if you've never heard of them because you're in bumfuck Iowa right now, you should look into getting this. Especially if you're missing 1991 to 1994. So far, this is on my top ten Hip Hops of the year, so I'm not bullshittin' you. Check it out for yourself:

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