Capital - Signal Corps

[Iron Pier]

Long Island always has an army of bands playing melodic hardcore. Capital is no different, although they go for a little more "old school" approach than usual, summoning the ghosts of Swiz and early Avail to help their cause. Actually, I bet Avail is still a band, but we can pretend they aren't just for this review.

Capital is fronted by Thomas Corrigan formerly of Silent Majority and Blood Red. I liked Silent Majority a lot so it was kind of a given I would like Capital. Corrigan has a great, distinct singing voice. The vocals are a bit more gruff on this, so it's not the same old shit from Silent Majority, which is good. You don't ever want your junk to sound exactly the same, especially if you're in a band musically similar to your past bands.

I hate using the adjective 'solid', but this is quite a solid melodic hardcore release. There's great lyrics and the music and vocals never get too nancy on you, so you can listen to this and still feel like a man. If you're into melodic hardcore, Silent Majority or Long Island, this is a sure thing for you.

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