T.I. - Owned (I can only hope)

So for some reason I have been under the silly impression since I started writing for dumpin that I needed to always do long posts or something, and posts for the most part that were relevant to hip hop in some way, shape, or form. However, I need to seriously disabuse myself of this notion and just post the shit I always want to post but am scared to for some reason or another. Fuck it.

In any case, as I have mentioned here before, I can't stand T.I. in any way. Of everything he's ever done, I think I liked maybe two songs. I think the reason why I hate him so much is that every bitch I know that likes hip hop, ALWAYS says this about T.I. or some variation of it: "OMG, he's so amazing, I LOOOOOVE him as a rapper!!" And when I ask them, "Oh? You love his flows? You think he's talented? You think he's a great MC?" And they respond, "Oh. My. God. Yes! He's like, the best MC, I love him so much...I love his style, and damn he's SOOOOO fine." I always respond with a "..." and then say, "You realize him supposedly being so fine has nothing to do with his skills as an MC, right?" They just go back to random panty-wetting thoughts of how hot he is and lose interest in the conversation.

Since I think it must be obvious how much I hate conforming to the norm and being a "typical" chick, every time I've had the above conversation it's made me hate him just a bit more. I pick apart his lyrics and just rip into him every chance I get. Between him and Luda, I'd pick him every time. And recently I've figured out that one of the reasons I respect Luda so much is that even though he's made "songs for the bitches" and club bangers, he's never tried to cater to the bitches by dressing the way the bitches like and acting like a ladies man, but he does address sex and relationships quite a bit in his music.

Anyway. The whole point of this post is I was bitching to a co-worker who's from Atlanta, and he was telling me about this story he read about T.I. supposedly selling all his shit off on ebay.

T.I. = One Broke Motherfucker

I don't even know if it's true, because I did spend about 30 mins on ebay searching for his shit and came up with nothing. I hope it IS true. I hope he is seriously broke, goes to jail, and that his pretty boy ass becomes some big scary dude's bitch, and that they all call him a prag.