10 Random iPod joints from my nerdy hip hop iPod

#1. Constant Elevation (Unreleased)- Gravediggaz-I am not sure this was really unreleased, but that is what the Prince Paul Hip Hop Golddust labeled it. This is just a peek into my nerdery because I don't know if this album was even a real album or it was some shit that was released via leaking into the internet so dicks like me could DL it and say I own it.
#2. The Janitor- Apathy I am kinda embarrassed that I have so much shit with Celph-Titled verbally littering tracks, but Apathy is one of those dudes that puts out better shit on mixtapes and underground mixes than on an album. So me being some douche who claims to be on the cusp of hip hop coolness must listen to him anyway.
#3. Track 22 Atmosphere-Here is where my dollar stops. I fucking love Slug. It has become gay to admit you are a male and an Atmosphere fan, but any random shit I do, a track pops up. This track was from an Unreleased and B-Sides mix that I have four volumes of. Slug is doing his, "I hate my dad and chicks" deal, and I don't know the name of the track, but I have it, so let the gay bullets fly.
#4. Scientific Civilization- Monster Island Czars- I have shit-tons of music, and if that stupid STARTUP DISK IS FULL message starts to piss me off enough, the MIC album is going because truthfully with the amount of MF DOOM shit on my computer hearing a shitty verse over a DOOM beat would be about the 10.000th track of that kind.
#5. My Mind- Rapper Big Pooh- I always feel bad for Big Pooh from Little Brother. So many people, me included, drool over Phonte's rhymes that Pooh gets shitted on as some sort of hype man. His album isn't bad and is a part of a GIANT chunk of Justus League shit that litters up my computer.
#6. UP- Gift of Gab-I am not sure why that shit is still here. Any sort of Gift of Gab/Blacklicious music left on my computer serves as a reminder to not fall for the hyping of the internet because I really don't think any of this music is that good.
#7. Black Girl Lost- Nas-This is some crap too. My second car was my mom's old Oldsmobile 87 Calais that was a two door piece of shit that had a front drivers side tire that would come loose all the fucking time. But what I remember most about it was the NAS bumper sticker I had on it that I picked up at a record store with my old "best friend". I put best friend in quotations because it was a girl and honestly any dude who has a girl "best friend" is a lame fuck who just wants to bang the girl, but she won't give it up. So you walk around like a lame puppy dog being trotted out in front of her friends as the lame poodle who follows this bitch around as she shows off her nipple ring to your best friends and gives head to dirty stoner dudes in overalls as you sit in the next room with ten homos from Drexel who think it is cool to spend daddy's meal plan loot on coke. Furthermore, they think it is totally "Tony Montana" to snort it off some giant mirror when they look like tools sucking cheap blow through their giant Jew noses. What was this about again?
#8. Talking Time Travel-MC Paul Barman-This is some other shit that I wont try to front like I am blowing off like I don't really like it. I dig Paul Barman. There. Have a field day...
#8. A Tree Grows- Wordsworth-This is like the cool Topps Rated Rookie you would get in a pack of baseball cards. I am glad a Wordsworth track came up to show all of you I do have some taste. I think Words is a guy who is totally slept on in the grand scheme of hip hop. What he does can be looked at as grown person hip hop, and I don't think he has put out enough. I have problems knowing I am murdering my hard drive on the stuff I randomly DL on Blog XYZ.uk.org.net, but buying a new hard drive would be worth it if I can litter it with good shit like this.
#9. Roc-A-Fella Billionaires- Freeway-Holy God this is awful. If I do another random iPod mix in 5 minutes, this shit won't be here. God.
#10. Church for Thugs-The Game-Hey some sort of mainstreamish stuff. I guess I am not the underground nerd you dicks thought I was. This album may have been one of the best produced album of the past 5 years or so. With the lack of quality MC's taking an album with great production and decent MCing is much more than passable. But this production is fucking outstanding and I can respect Game for not doing enough dumb shit to ruin the album.

Hey this wasn't really as much fun as I thought it would be. I didn't have the quality writing of Mike or Raven, but I hope they will be a tad happy because I took the initiative to actually post something here.

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