Here's some stuff.

Just like every other blogger dude, I get some press releases and other junk in my e-mails. I don't really get any bigtime shits like some of you other apparently better bloggers. It is like Dumpin is the jobber of the blog world and we have to take what we get. Sgtraight up Dusty Wolfe up in here getting his ass beat by Jimmy Snuka on an MSG TV taping. No respect at all

Anyway, here's some crap:

Here is a cd by DJ Jam X and Web. It is called Written In Blood. I haven't personally listened to this because I am not mature enough to not crack up when I say "DJ Jam X" out loud. Plus I haven't had a working personal internet in a couple weeks, and I spend around 6 hours fixing that shit yesterday, and excuse me if the first thing I didn't think was "OH SHIT I NEED TO DOWNLOAD THAT DJ JAM X JOINT". Sorry, I'm not trying to dis.

Here's the CD. there was a corresponding CD cover, but I couldn't get it to work:


Lastly, here is a video from the dude Gnotes. I briefly talked about his CD a couple two tree months ago and his head label dude is a cool guy who makes chit chat in the publicity e-mails, so I know he's not a total douche, so I don't feel bad aboput promoting his stuff.

Here's the videos for Gnotes' song "Missin You":