I'm Still Alive

Hey guys. I noticed I haven't posted in a month or so. I've been holed up in a secret location hiding from society, so sorry about that. I'll be back to normal life sometime soon hopefully. Until then, here's some updates and links:

The Mixtape finals will hopefully wrap up sometime soon. I'm all set to do my part. Just waiting for my comrades.

This months 25 is still in progress. It's a year end awards type thing.

Some links:

This dude I know named Beardo has started a food blog. I am a big fan of food. The blog is called Always Hungry Never Full. You can find it right here.

My friend Sawyer is involved in this group blog called Panel of Experts. I'm technically also involved with it too but I haven't written anything for it yet, because I haven't even written anything for my own blog in forever. Basically, these dudes search out pics on the internet, then cleverly poke fun at them. You can check it out right here

Lastly is a blogsite called Shabooty. I have a feeling it's one of those blogs that a shit ton of people already know about, but I was just late to the party. They cover hip hop, Howard Stern and a bunch of other whacked out shit. I actually meant to link this site up when I first saw it, but I got lazy, then the dude who runs it coincidentally e-mailed me, which in turn reminded me to put it up. Check it out right here.

I'll be back with some actual content one of these days.