a poll about shit we forgot

It's to the right there somewhere, a poll I put up because I was looking at our labels list and half the shit is for things we never finished. So I wanted you, random internet fuckface looking at dumpin.net, to let us know how you felt about bullshit. Obviously I expect the EWA 100 thing to get the most love, because we should've finished that forever ago, although you dudes are gonna be pissed when you find out N2Deep's "Back to the Hotel" is in the top ten. I liked the jambox thing, but it was too hard to keep doing regularly. I think I'd rather people have songs to download and they battled than just steal shit all day off the internet. It makes me feel more like a dude who loves music and less like a douche who wants to hoard every piece of hip hop-related music ever made onto my collection of external hard drives I'll never get around to enjoying. The mixtape challenge was great, but we lost interest, although I think Mike and John are supposedly gonna finish it at some point, hopefully before next fall. Personally, I thought the myspace rapper battles by state was some brilliant next level internet time-wasting to be had, but the lack of enthusiasm for the polls leaned against that judgement by the public at-large. So fuck y'all. I was really looking forward to the Iowa/Wyoming/Colorado/Kansas battle. That shit would've been all sorts of funny. Really, the NBA bullshit was dead before it started because the only real hardcore NBA fan is John and he doesn't get a hard dick for making stupid posts like me and Mike do. And once Gilbert Arenas got injured and started seeming more like a fucking punk bitch like every kid in high school than some misunderstood genius like a sober O.D.B., I stopped caring about the NBA again... perhaps forever. The Three 6 Mafia Project probably predates just about anything most of you have seen, as Mike was doing that before any of the rest of us got here, but he never finished it. I wish he would. And then I wish he'd do an ICP project just like it. And I'm being completely serious too.
So post your stupid comments about what you think. If you want. And you can vote for as many as you want in the poll thing.