10 Random iPod joints.

This is an idea I stole from an old thread on the http://www.deathvalleydriver.com/ board that I'm assuming was stolen from somewhere else beforehand. I'm sure the same shit has shown up on Myspace surveys too.

This is how it goes. You put your ipod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that show up, then write a little something about them. As long as you're honest about it, it can make you look like a real dork for the dumb shit you have on your music machine, or it could also make you look like a cool dude with impeccable music taste.

If for some reason a non-song or two hour long mix pops up, I'll skip over it.

My 30GB iPod is just about filled up at 5479 mp3s, which is exceptionally lower than the advertised amount it's supposed to hold.

1. Underdog - Special Forces (from the "Demos" LP): Underdog was an old school hardcore band featuring old school hardcore legends. Personally, they are one of the only old hardcore bands that really hold up music wise, now that I'm well into adulthood. A lot of that stuff is still cool for nostalgia reasons, but I would never recommend it to another adult who has no background in such music. Underdog however, is still good, and the Demos LP is top to bottom awesome, so saying Special Forces is better than any other song on the album is pointless.

2. The Brothers Grime - Grown (Remix) (From the s/t LP): I downloaded this recently after hearing a couple songs on their Myspace that I thought sounded pretty great, and I never really got around to listening to the whole album, so I have no real attachment to this song. I do know these dudes are some stalwart underground nerd rappers who I would have previously made fun of for being so over my head.

3. Converge - Hell To Pay (from the Jane Doe LP): Converge was crazy popular before Jane Doe came out, but they never really clicked with me until this album dropped. They did a T Shirt design that is more or less the album cover that I loved so much, I bought two of them. Not at the same time, that would be weird. One got all faded and crackly, so I had to replace it. For you rap dudes who don't follow hardcore or metal, it's the same design on the hoodie Marco Polo is wearing in the "Nostalgia" video. I was pumped to see that dude rocking it in the video because I now know he has good taste in music and shirt designs.

4. Joy Division - Leaders of Men (From the Substance LP): Joy Division is one of those groups you're either familiar with by now, or it doesn't really matter anymore. They're one of those early 80's bands like The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, etc who have totally rabid fans but usually when a person that didn't grow up in the 80's hears them for the first time, they think it sounds like old garbage. One of my bands put out a all Joy Division covers CD. This song was not featured on it. The packaging was real dope though. We bought a bunch of old floppy discs and hollowed out the inside, then screened a pretty sweet logo on them in silver ink. I don't even know if I have a copy of one anymore.

5. Quicksand - Unfulfilled (From the Slip LP): This is getting kind of weird since my iPod is literally 80% rap music, but the few non rap related records are all popping up. Slip is in my all time top 10 records of any genre of music ever. I think it's a must listen to record if you're a fan of music, but it never gets any love in any type of "all time" music list because those lists are more or less made just to repeat some other moron's opinion. I know OK Computer is a good record and all but does everyone on earth seriously think it's the greatest record of the 90's or whatever? Slip came out in the 90's and I've probably listened to this record close to a thousand times.

6. Notorious B.I.G. - Playa Hata (from Life After Death disc II): I rarely listen to Life After Death and I'm kind of surprised to find it on my iPod. I really never even gave the whole record a good listen until last year. Like every other rap double album, it would have made a much better single album. Listening to it long after the "jiggy" era of rap music was dead and buried, it's not AS annoying as it was when I was more of a "HEY MAN IM A FUCKING ANGRY YOUNGSTER AND FUCK THE MAINSTREAM BLAH BLAH" type of dude, but some tracks are still cringe worthy. This song is kind of middling. I would never choose to listen to it, but it's not the worst thing on the album.

7. MF Doom - Deep Fried Frenz (From the MM Food LP): I really miss the days of MF Doom putting out a new thing every month. I know the internet turned on him for doing it, but fuck you internet assholes. You can't be content with anything. If an awesome dude puts out too much shit you whine, and if he doesn't put out enough shit, you whine. They re-released MM Food in 07 and it was the only new CD I paid real money for all year.

8. I.Roy & Lee "Scratch Perry" - Space Flight (From Madlib's 'Blunted in the bomb shelter' LP): Madlib really made me a believer in old dub reggae with this mix. Not that I was ever opposed to it, but I never really listened to it. I used to listen to dancehall in the early 90's when it was the cool thing to do, what with Shabba Ranks and all. I'm still looking for that one Cutty Rank record "The Stopper" or whatever. It's kind of hard finding a lot of reggae through illegal means on the internet still. I'm guessing because its prominent fanbase is way too high to bother with ripping a cd into a computer.

9. Weezer - Falling For You (From the Pinkerton LP): I am unfortunately one of those fags that thinks Pinkerton is a genius album and blah blah. I am a typical internet douche. I guess I can't help it. I put up this big facade like I am somehow above your average internet douchery, but it's all buncocky. Weezer fell off pretty hard after this record to the point where I'm not sure how they still have fans at all. I guess I don't fully understand nerd music, but I am happy my own personal floo-flooness doesn't delve much deeper than Weezer's Pinkerton album.

10. Oh No - My Luck (From the Dr. No's Oxperiment LP): A modern popular internet opinion is that Oh No has somehow surpassed Madlib in the production department. Yet another thing that's total buncocky. I listen to every Oh No record waiting for this apparent shared epiphany where I will come out in the end loving Oh No more than Madlib (Which is physically impossible, since I have gay love for Madlib, no homo), but I never ever make it past the first listen of any Oh No record. This one was no different. I will say, I watched this interview with Oh No once and he was wearing this sweet hoodie that had a fur lined hood on it and I've been looking for it ever since, but the only ones I ever find are either made for women or way too metrosexual for me to ever wear.

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