Hip Hop Retardation...

Makes me LOL long time. Actually it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Which causes hiccups. In any case, certain hip hop artists these days are more fucktarded than ever. They need to stop speaking in public.

Souljah Boy Tell 'Em = Trippin'

Umm, what the fuck? I like how he considers himself an "MC" when he's put out like two songs and just capitalized off the first one to make the second one, and now he thinks he's the shit because he had a Grammy nomination. His parents need to slap him upside his head repeatedly. Also, it makes me cry to think that Nas or Busta might do a song with him. I knew the Souljah Boy/50 collabo was gonna happen after I watched that "interview" 50 did with him, but Nas and Busta?? WHY?! THE AGONY! THE IRONY! THE DUMBFUCKERY!

Crank Dat GZA?
And now he's got that BS with the GZA, and I have to say the one thing that stuck out to me as being a symbol of his fuckardedness is the fact that he speaks of himself in the THIRD PERSON. Say what?

Weezy: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

More hate on my part, I think I've said a few times how much I can't stand Weezy, for his lack of talent, his retarded ass interviews where he talks about how "hard" he is, and how he's gonna kill infants. But I hate him even more lately, especially walking around all the god damned time with that stupid styrofoam cup. That annoys me to no end. What the fuck is in that cup? Why does he carry it around all the time? Has anyone ever seen him drinking out of it? And lastly, is it the SAME god damned cup in every picture? I wish what was in his cup was the same substance in the cup of the "2 Girls, 1 Cup" cup. Who knows, maybe he'll actually go to jail and then lick some big scary dudes asshole and then it will be the same shit. (Ha, I made a funny.)