IN MEMORIAM: Ol' Dirty Bastard

3 years ago is when ODB passed, and with the impending polished turd of a Wu-Tang album about to come about, not to mention the overall fashionista/smooth gangsta/club banger trichotomy of hip hop right now, it got me reminiscing today for that raw grimy don't give a fuck mentality. Ol' Dirty Bastard was one of the best most underrated motherfuckers ever. And wide open. If you follow this blog, you might've read how I've dabbled in the crack indulgence the past half a year or so, but I'm trying to work through that right now, but when you listen to that ODB shit, most obviously when "Brooklyn Zoo" hits, but pretty much all of his shit, it's got that adrenaline rush mother fuck it feel to it. My favorite Ol' Dirty memories as a fucking consumer are him stealing sneakers in Virginia while he had $500 on him, him lifting the car to save the kid's life outside a recording studio, him not looking at the camera in "Brooklyn Zoo" like 2 or 3 times of camera cuts, then finally jumping towards the camera right when the song yells "WHAT?" That dude was on some serious other level shit, and there will never be a major label release of such good-timed nonsense like he released on multiple albums but especially the first one ever again. I encourage you motherfuckers to take all your mp3 download bitrate torrent hard drive faggotry and put it on the shelf for the night, go outside and smudge some shitty grime on your face and sit outside for a minute, drink something or smoke something, get yourself hyped the fuck up like it's homecoming game and you're a high school middle linebacker who loves ephedrine, and come in and pump some "Brooklyn Zoo". Loud as fuck. And then go break some shit or paint on the walls of your house or some wild ass shit. For the children.