Get Money - Music Video REEEEMIX

Hey ya'll,

So I found this link that my boy sent me a while back to be pretty fuckin' awesome, as a matter of fact I MARKED OUT when I watched it. Yes, I really did. I mean, whoever made the video took their time to really match the action up to the lyrics most of the time, and even make the Destro and the Baroness look like they were delivering Biggie's and Kim's lyrics on occasion. Sure, prolly everyone else will make fun of me, but fuck ya'll. I loved G.I. Joe when that shit was on, and I also loved this duet of Biggie and Kim as well, so I figured there might be a few other peeps (none of the EWA, I don't think) that might like it as well.


PS. The Baroness was one BADDDD bitch, I remember her being pretty hot back in the day (Yes, I really did) but this brought it back all hardcore. If I was a white girl I swear I'd look like her. Just 'cause I have glasses and long black hair.