FALL CLASSIC: 1st Rd. Group D

OVERVIEW: I am sure you are an avid dumpin.net reader and not somebody simply googling up pics of Kim Kardashian having sex with Brandy's little brother, so you know all about this here fall mixtape classic. The official shit-talkers are John Dawson (JD), Keenon Mobb (KM), Mike DIKK (MD), and me (RM).
Group C's poll ended with Keenon Mobb getting his online friends to vote or die, so he ran away with that poll. So that group's match-up finished like this...
Keenon Mobb - 16 pts
Swann - 14 pts
Choplaruski - 5 pts
D-Mo- 1 pt
So Keenon joins What It Is and the PSY/OPS dude in the final round. We will have one wild card dude in there too who finished second in his group, and honestly, without consulting anyone else involved in judging this, I can't see that wild card spot not going to Swann.

Here is who is who in this fourth group, which is not nearly as iPod-worthy as the last group of four...
ENTRANT #1: Raven Mack's R.I.P. Big Moe mix - I am the most brilliant gifted twisted mind of our generation, and I sully myself and true potential by contributing to this blog right here.
ENTRANT #2: Sun Diora's West Coast One-Hit Wonders mix - Diora is a jap chick who works in porn, but not in the way you would hope. She also is a contributor here at dumpin whenever she's not playing dork games.
ENTRANT #3: Nate's Sin mixtape - Nate has a blog with some old school homeboys of his called Science Gone Mad.
ENTRANT #4: BWT's Expert White Boy mix - BWT is a contributor here as well, but also has his own Land of Mind Waste blog.
Here's our rankings for these four mixes (for winning purposes, what we rank as #1 gets 3 pts, #2 gets 2 pts, and #3 gets 1 pt; and the open public poll scores 6 pts for #1, 4 pts for #2, and 2 pts for #3, so your public consciousness is worth double and has the power to heavily sway but not completely overrule what we think)...

JD: Nate. He has made it to the prestigious- DO NOT DELETE- folder in my iTunes EWA folder. The Johnny Cash into that cold-ass GZA track was fucking the dopeness. The rest of it was pretty good as well. I want Nate to really advance because I want to hear what he does for the next round much more than the other three losers.
MD: RAVEN'S MIX. This beats out Nate's mix by like half a point. Raven did some Screwed set filtered through a retard, so everything sounds all nightmarish and abrasive. I was coincidentally drinking cough syrup the first time I listened to this (not abusing it, I was sick), so maybe that swayed me. There was some shit on here I liked and some I didn't, so it wasn't exactly a home run, more like a ground rule double. I just like listening to shit that sounds fucked up and stupid sometimes, and I fully expect my number one vote to be completely negated once John puts this in his last place spot. If he doesn't, I'll be flabbergasted.
RM: Actually, I secretly made fun of the possibility of losing to Diora and how that would shatter my fragile internet ego, but then I ended up liking her mix more than the other three in this loser bracket. Even though it's one continuous mp3, she didn't blend them at all, which was a sucker move, but I also suckered out for some of the tracks. Mista Grimm's "Indo Smoke" is one of those 12-inch singles I sold for forty money at some point in my life I wish I had back. And fuck, I've listened to enough DJ Screw's clique freestyling over the instrumental to always geek out for Paperboy.
KM: Raven. You know, it may be a testament to something or other but I didn't notice the slowed down-ness until everyone else talked about it. This mix caters to my inner weirdo that used to play Resident Evil with the sound turned up, but also with rap mp3s and Avalanches mixes going at the same time. They don't BELONG together, per se, but sometimes the confluences would be genius and I'd hear some bossa nova shit going while Crooked I screams a freestyle and I get chased by zombie dogs. The minister talking is perfect, and the skipping made it better for me. That "I Live With My Mom" song took on a life of its own slowed down. Raven's recording stylings astound me, and are second only to D-Mo's actual tape method in novelty. This is seriously an epic stream of consciousness clusterfuck, and makes me want to go shoot the walking dead.

MD: NATE'S MIX. I would have probably given Nate the number one spot if he didn't include a Johnny Cash song (Though I think Raven did too, or some other gay country shit) and if the mix was a bit longer. His mix came with an email stating that it was going to be short, and I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but I guess it did. I'd say Nate's mix probably had the most chance to appeal to the general audience, so it's worth your time to download. There's a lot of interesting stuff on here in such a short time, and I beleive he still does shit like this regularly on his own blog.
JD: Diora. Ha Raven you shiteater! Truthfully, this is more by default than anything else. I thought this sucked because really all the songs are by sucky people, therefore the One Hit Wonder title. That West Coast copycat beat that every dude was coming out with in the '90s is like "Lollipop" to Raven's ears.
KM: Diora. I did not think this sucked at all, and I appreciate the (mostly) West Coast vibe. That said, "I Got 5 On It" is one of my least favorite songs ever. It is my "Lollipop". I lobbied to get it pulled off the EWA Hot 100 rankings because I hate the hell out of it, and even the best of the West can't salvage it for me. John is IG'NANT, that Zapp break is timeless. Diora ran with a Nate/Warren G song I've honestly never heard, surprising since "Regulate" is their default one-hit wonder song. I dug this one, though. If she would have blended this, it would have been a thing of beauty and I would have bumped it to #1 in spite of Da Luniz. It was a close call. This was the most evenly matched bracket out of the whole thing, hands down.
RM: I picked myself in second. I bought a cassette four-track recorder a few months back at a flea market for five bucks, and only two tracks work, so I run the turntable into that shit, earball where blends will happen, write down notes on the tape counter spot, then when finished hook it up to the stupid laptop and run it into audacity and mix it then, one shot. There are some things that didn't turn out well on this (that guitar shit Rakim acapellas over is some shit we sampled for our own rapping-based musical group, but it doesn't vibe up too well in this format), and there's some shit I loved ("Still Live With My Moms" over the Isley Brothers instrumental), but all in all, I don't like this mix much. Still there's more shit I like on it than the other two mixes, which is pretty bad considering how much self-loathing I have.

JD: Raven. You are my internet homie, but fuck man I hated this shit. It pained me to listen to it. The rambling vocal things and the slowed-down music almost made me vomit. I was tempted to put Raven last because I know he could do something better that might appeal to some people, but he is cool like that, and why would Raven do anything we might like?
RM: Hahaha. Yeah, fuck people. I put Nate in third. Like Mike, I tried not to hold the fact Nate came in well under the hoped-for length of first-round mixes, but it ended up abruptly, and there were some things that kinda meandered weirdly to me. Also, to be honest, Nate made a big deal about how he didn't have time to add another ten minutes to this mix, so I didn't think it'd ever be possible for him to make a 45-minute mix for the final round.
KM: Nate's mix. I was with this until the song after the part where you just went buckwild on the "I Love" shit. I liked THAT part, but the two songs after it chafed my ears. The guys rapping on that weird sample (I think it's an oboe or some kind of reed shit, but everyone I've played it for said it sounded more like a french horn) didn't do much for me either, but that sample intrigues me. The difference (musically) between this and Swann's is Nate went for boom bap, but it's got a little more variety. After listening to all of these I would also be down with throwing some kind of nerdcon substance abuse BBQ where everyone got a turn on the decks.
MD: DIORA'S MIX. The only broad to enter the contest was simply outclassed by Raven's retard jamboree and Nate's proficient, but short set. There's a lot of songs in this mix that I played the shit out of in my more formative days. If this mix lost the MC Breed and Nate Dogg, and added "Po Pimp" by Do or Die and "Back in the Day" by Ahmad, I would have probably bumped this up to number 2. Bonus points for using the "I've Got 5 On It" remix which I don't think I've ever heard before.

MD: BWT's MIX. I kind of strong-armed BWT into entering this just so we could have all entries in, in a timely manner. BWT is a youngster and he's not afraid to show you that he listens to a lot of new crappy rap music we old fogeys despise. BWT is also no internet DJ so this is just a handful of tracks by popular modern rappers with no mixing involved. The "Duffle Bag Boy" remix was pretty underwhelming, which disappointed me, and the Joe Budden "Freestyle" was pretty good, but when dudes have like 900 awesome freestyles in a row, it's digging their grave deeper as far as having a dope album goes. Just ask Supanatural or any of those other "really good freestyle" dudes.
JD: BWT. Put forth some effort son. I did like the Joe Budden freestyle, but the rest of that was some horrid shit.
KM: BWT as well. First things first, the good. The Ghostface song on this has the same sample as this one UGK song, they're both pretty dope and get good mileage off the same source. I really liked that Jazzy Jeff/Peedie Crack shit. I could live with Budden & Rhymefest, mostly forgettable though. Nice talk over. Jeezy does good shit sometimes, however this is not in that category at all. It's Gucci Mane-level average Atlanta trap rap. That remix of "Duffle Bag Boy" ruins one of the big things I liked about the original - the fact that Lil Wayne did a good hook and didn't rap. Baby is boring, Weezy is ADD-wack, Juelz flat-out sucks and by god this song deserves a better line-up for a remix. Brian got a bum deal, however - this was like the mixtape equivalent of having your car repo'd and having 30 seconds to grab whatever you left in the front seat. But oops you're not home, your girlfriend is the one who has to do it while you talk on the phone with her. On one hand, she pulled some iffy shit but you know you'll get it back in a minute, so all that good shit in the trunk should still be there.
RM: I also picked BWT, which worried me that we were piling on dude and shit, with him being the youngest expert whiteboy on our internerd blog crew, I didn't want any hurt feelings. But luckily BWT is from a younger generation that has no feelings whatsoever over this internet shit. The fact this was such a weak mix of stuff that did not impress me is more than made up for both the Nas collection he made and the Nas/Al Green mash-up shit he linked too.

Our pre-rankings set this up with Raven Mack at 9 pts, Diora at 8 pts, Nate at 7 pts, and BWT sitting on something nil. The poll will change soon enough and you, the small slice of the public, will basically decide who wins this shit, with point values doubled. And if you are PSY/OPS or What It Is or Keenon or most likely Swann, you should start whipping up that 45 mega-mix for the final round sometime in a week or so.