Another corn chopped by the Wu Tang sword

As you all know by now, Wu Tang's new 8 Diagrams record leaked a few days ago. Every nerd in the Blog Universe has given their opinion on it already, and no doubt the all knowing EWA Blog Cipher will throw in their two cents at the end of the month, but for now I thought I'd post a treat for you dudes. Wu Tang's first single, "Protect Ya Neck" b/w "Method Man". If you'll allow me a moment of hyperbole, this is the single that changed my life. It separated all rap music into two categories. Before Wu and after Wu. Back in the day I had this on cassingle, and I had one of those fancy tape decks with auto reverse, so I'd hit play on this fucker and let it play ten times over before I cut it off. There is nothing that will ever hold my attention like this single did back in 93.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the 12" version in perfect condition a few months back during one of my last trips to the best record store in Albany New York. So now I'm ripping it for you suckers to enjoy:

Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck b/w Method Man (1993. Loud Records) (Sorry NERDS, this isn't the O.G. 12" version on Wu Tang Records. I believe Raven has that because he's older than a mug.)

1. Protect Ya Neck (Radio Edit) - like the album version, but has the N words cut out.
2. Protect Ya Neck (Shao Lin Version) - otherwise known as the Album version.
3. Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version) - Has all the cussing in tact and a slightly different fade out ending.

4. Method Man (Radio Edit)
5. Method Man (Smoked Out Version) - otherwise known as the Album version.
6. Method Man (Home Grown Version) - Rawer sounding vocals with an extra verse.
7. Method Man (Bonus Beats) - Brief Instrumental version.

Cuz Ya Didn't Have Friend To Begin With....