Hey look, some stuff!

*You have a day or so left to vote on the 3rd round of the Mixtape Contest. Unfortunately, Keenon is the first person yet to shamelessly stuff the ballot by gathering a bunchy of e-friends together to vote for him. I'm really surprised he was the first to do it. Anyway, even if you don't have any desire to vote, download those mixes before they are lost inside the internet forever.

*I will be putting up this months EWA25 sometime today so sit tight. It takes me like 43 hours to piece together, so don't hold your breath too long

*A few weeks back, this dude Canyon from Gnawledge Records hit me up to do a review of one of his artists' releases. The record is called "Rhymes and Beats" by a guy from Boston named Gnotes. I was originally going to do a full on review in hopes of getting a quote in some ad copy (big hobby of mine), but the day I sat down to do it, that Tree Beats guy beat me to it, and I don't like doing shit in close proximity to other people doing the same shit, because I'm from the old school where you would get your Lee patches ripped off for such bitery. So instead I'm going to point you toward the Tree Beats review RIGHT HERE and post up the pertinent info about this Gnotes dude, since I am trying hard not to alienate record labels.

I listened to the album and I liked the beats a lot. They are very Throwbackian if you are into that sound (and you are, because you're reading a blog). I personally didn't dig the rapping so much because it's reminiscent of the Rhymesayers Records/Sage Francis style, and I don't really get down with that. You should decide for your damn self though.

Download: Gnotes - Tower of Babylon


or be super lazy and watch the video for "Throw Your Nickels Up"