Random Crap Super Tuesday

some dude wanted me to post his video of the Wu-Tang Clan at Hammerstein Ballroom. Didn't watch it, but hey.

You can Downloas it RIGHT HERE too if you love it so much.

MIA - Paper Planes (I've probably posted this before):

Aesop Rock - Pigs:

That old 'Beat Diggin' documentary I meant to put up in downloadable format like a year ago but never got around to it, but now someone has uploaded it to Youtube so we all win:


PLease visit:
I Hook A Beat Up. (my writing part should be up there today)

Dastardly Latchkey (Please link Jay on your blogs. I will make sure he does the same. Don't be a dick. If I get really motivated, I might finish up the shit I'm doing for his blog tonight too)

Finally, if I get really, REALLY motivated, there will be a new Shining White Revue up tonight. I've been sitting on it (literally) for a few days now.