Better than anything I could write

Some really good samaritan posted a 1975 BBC documentary on the Shaw Brothers on Youtube. He has disabled embedding for some weird reason so you have to click on the links:




If you don't know the Shaw Brothers and their movies, you're probably a jerk (or at least very young).

And yes, if you're wondering, someday I'll get back to writing things as opposed to posting Youtube videos, but I'm working on my stupid podcast amongst other things, and you know how that goes. Well, you probably don't. Basically, Dumpin is like my wife, and my ten thousand other projects are the ladies on the side. I may neglect Dumpin here and there, but I'll always come back to it, even when the other bitches are long gone. It helps that Raven is fucking my figurative wife so hard right now that you barely miss me. For that, I am thankful to him.