I got this since it came out this week and I watched it tonight. It was like a really shitty episode of The Wire, except instead of the awesomeness of McNulty, there was some boring ass fuckface Russell Crowe in his place. Also, Denzel Washington should really stop with his "I am Denzel Washington and I am seriously acting, for real," schtick, because that shit is getting tired. It's like he's forgotten how to show any range of emotion. You are a robot internerd fuck, so you've probably already seen this, but in the rare chance you are not completely immersed into popular culture, unless you are the type of person who has no personal ambitions in life and likes to waste every non-employed moment watching bullshit forms of media, you could probably pass on this flick. It's an overrated piece of crap, but it has that "Two major stars plus it's almost 3 hours long" trick to make all the dumbasses around you think it's like the greatest shit since The Godfather.