haterz everywhere we go haterz everywhere we go haterz going down for the count: ARMENIANS

I hate Armenians. Not the dead ones from that mysterious genocide nobody wanted to believe in for like a hundred years, but the modern ones that are all hung up on that shit and like, "I AM ARMENIAN, WE ARE LIKE ULTRA-JEWS BECAUSE WE GOT KILLED BUT NOBODY RECOGNIZES OUR PLIGHT, RECOGNIZE MY PLIGHT!" I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for motherfuckers and their trifling ass psychologically-paralyzing plights getting some recognition, but damn, chill the fuck out.
Plus I worked for some Armenians, but they seemed more like just asshole New Yorkers to me, but they had Armenian to them somehow. They sucked. Mike Dikk actually knew one of those dudes too, and it has been a wonderful thing this one kid Mark Telfian (who will surely google search himself and see this) who Mike knew from shithead NY kid hardcore bullshit and I knew from dirtbag Richmond VA housepainter bullshit. Supposedly the kid did a spoken word 7-inch, which is hilarious to me because the Mexicans at work called him "Mongol" for how slow he talked. He also apparently is gay now, which is also funny because his older bros were straight up date-raper types, except I think one of them liked Depeche Mode too, which is always a dead-give-away in a dude for closeted behavior. One time that Depeche Mode liking dude was burning paint off a house with us with a blow torch (dental trimwork had to be stripped of paint and shit) and he had his ladder in a stupid way and fell and landed on a wrought iron rail and caught his shirt on fire. Everybody wanted to laugh their ass but he was the boss, so we had to wait for him to drive off in a frustrated fury and then we all sat around drinking Icehouses and getting our laughs in then.
To me, that little slice of my memory sums up Armenians - full of shit and precariously positioned, with bad taste in music, and apt to look like a goofy fucker much to my amusement. My apologies to all straight up Armenians who aren't complete tools. You should probably start some media-manipulating PR organizations like the Jews did.