Random Crap Monday

Jay (Shining White Reuve guy, Dastardly Latchkey) has a friend named Pete, whom I met once briefly and we discussed Wang Chung and their work on the soundtrack to "To LIve And Die in L.A.". Well Pete has made a documentary about forgotten Rockland County NY Thrash Metal band Riphouse. It's having a theatrical premiere in Nyack NY and I figured I should pass on the info just in case you're a) into thrash metal b) near Rockland and c) old enough or nerdy enough to remember Riphouse.

Here you go:


Riphouse 151: Could've Been's & Wanna Be's
Thursday March 27th, 2008 7pm
(Riverspace) Helen Hayes Theater
119 Main StreetNyack, NY

$7.00 (All Proceeds go to Charity)

Hit me up if you're actually going. We can meet and rub dicks together.

an INTENSE video from the scummy Maury Povich show:

Here is me SLAMMIN CLUB REMIX of the audio from this video: "I Can't Support It" - Mike Dikk

Video of a child being ruined on Xmas:

Another round of beats has been posted on I HOOK A BEAT UP. I haven't even listened to them, so it will be a couple days until you can read my beautiful words.