MR. SR. Battle - Upper New England play-in poll

Last round went like this... Mr. Lif (reppin' Massachusetts) - 11, The Aztext (Vermont) - 8, Labseven (Maine) - 1, The 603 Kings (New Wackshire) - 0. So Massachusetts and Vermont will go head-to-head to make the final round of 16, motherfuckers.
On paper, this should be an easy win for Massachusetts, with really the only hip hop history out of this four-state grouping. 7L & Esoteric have never really done much for me personally, but I've good friends who swear them dudes are the shit. And they seem like a good choice to try and carry Mass. to the next round.
Tha VT Union is some sort of super-group collective in Vermont's underground hip hop scene, and I will be honest, me and Mike got crazy lulz off of thinking about "Vermont hip hop supergroup". Again though, don't let my cynical mocking nature sway you. Give them a listen, give 7L & Esoteric a listen, and vote accordingly. Poll to the right there holmes, amidst that long line of polls about stupid shit I be running here at dumpin. It's kinda my thing, you know, to ask people shit.