MR. SR. Battle - Mid Atlantic prelim

Second group of four locales for this thing, and I think I forgotted to mention last time round that you can vote for two in the prelims and shit. This grouping, we start in Delaware, which is mostly one big truck stop and a shadow of other states. Able Univercity is a group out of one of the few clusters of enough buildings to be urban in Delaware though. And do not let my dislike of Delaware speak badly of the two dudes in this group, because my ill memories of that state say nothing of what they're doing musically.
What the fuck goes on in Maryland? I guess it's all uber-hip and shit now with The Wire being every internerd's greatest tv show evar!!!, and sadly Baltimore's murder rate seems to be imitating the show this year. Still, Maryland seems to break down into two categories musically - the first being the "we are on the outskirts of D.C. so we have go-go influence", and the second being the Baltimore club-influenced shit. Stackz is actually outta Baltimore, which seems far more homegrown than some shit from Rockville or College Park or whatever, so he is representing the Crabcake State (or is National Bohemian state?) in this preliminary round.
Wale is a music critic-style hyped magazine blurb-getter of late, and since I read an interview with him the other day somewhere I can't remember, I chose him over Tabi Bonney for prelim representation. It was really hard not to put Huck-a-Bucks though, even if it ain't for-real rap music.
Finally in this foursome is my home state of Virginia. It always kinda bums me out when I realize my state's hip hop legacy is homoerotic beat machine masters like Timbaland and The Neptunes. Lyrically, we have Missy Elliott acting-a-fool, and The Clipse, who are good but are also one of those groups that in reality is about three levels not-as-great as anybody makes them out to be. Still, the most ballyhooed rap dude in Virginia the past year has been Famlay, who is hooked up with the Neptunes (hopefully not physically) and is supposed to come out on Star Trak eventually I think, if that label will still exist when that time comes. That whole Norfolk/Hampton/Virginia Beach part of the state is like a giant wasteland of sprawl though. I hate it when it comes to being in this state, but compared to the rest of the country, I have to defend it like a stupid older brother who loses his cushy job because he was fighting dogs in the next county over like a fool ass.
So there's the second prelim poll, which should be in the sidebar over there on the side. It is my goal to turn Mike's precious music nerd blog into nothing but a giant questionnaire.