Hip Hop Ad Libs - LOL type shit - Part 2

Jim Jones- I'm an idiot. My whole section on rapper ad-libs came about because I was talking to my roommate/best friend about Jim Jones a month ago or so and we were talking about ow he's been blowing up on every god damned remix lately, and how his little "BALLIN!" ad lib has blown the fuck up too. And I forgot to add him in my first post on this topic. Bleh. Anyway, these days you can even see NFL players doing the "ballin" little fadeaway action when they make touch downs, which is just crazy to me, because I don't think any other ad-lib has made that kind of impact that I know of.

Anyhow, to be honest I was aware of the existence of Jim Jones, much like Juelz, for a few years now, but didn't really care much for him. I liked Crunk Muzik off his first solo album, could care less about his second album, and off his newest release I tried not to listen to any of it, but couldn't avoid hearing him popping up on random remixes just throwing his "BALLIN!" ad lib into it. Funny thing about Jim Jones saying he's BALLIN, is that how much ballin' can he be doing when you consider the fact that not one of his solo albums has gone platinum? Or maybe he means ballin' in the other sense, that he's banging a lot of hot chicks.

As a random aside, my two close friends have talked to me separately about the fact that every time you see Jim Jones, he looks so god damned GRIMY. One of them wondered if every time he was on the way to a photo shoot or an appearance on 106th and Park, did he just park like 3 miles from the set and run there? Or does he get to set and do like 400 push ups and sit ups before he gets in front of the camera? I mean, dude looks like he could use a serious application of some shower gel with a loofa. Or a facial of some sort.

Moving into my producer's section...
(Oh, I have a disclaimer on this one, I am doing this one on memory without even listening to anything in my iTunes library. There could be ad-libs that the producers I list do that I don't remember off the top of my head. Eh.)


JD: Jermaine Dupri makes me laugh with his ad libs, because he's only got like 2 or 3 that he works half to DEATH. First of all, of course he's got to come with "JD YA'LL!!" And then of course there's the "SO SO DEF!!!!" And last but not least, my absolute favorite - "YA'LL KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!" I can understand saying his name and also shouting out his label, but that last one? Do we really know what this is? Seeing as how he does it in the beginning of the song, I generally don't know what THIS IS till the song is done. I haven't the faintest clue where he came up with this ad lib or more importantly WHY because it makes no sense, but hey. Maybe he said it one time and thought it sounded cool or some shit. I don't even remember him doing this on all his songs, but it seems to have crept into the songs he's in or produced in the last year or two.

Lil Jon: I was sitting at my stepsister's graduation party a couple weeks ago, and I was kickin it with this one white boy who was SO white he was like Tide with Bleach, man. He had no clue about anything on hip hop, which was fine, since I like other genres, but the best part about our conversation was that my boy turns his hat to the back and tells him to take a picture looking "gangsta" and what does this guy do? He screams out "YEAHHHHHH! OKAYYYY!!" I just about died. I had no idea that Lil 'Jon's ad libs had permeated that much of mainstream that random people who don't know a damn thing about hip hop would know about it. I suppose the origins make sense, except if I were an artist being produced by Lil' Jon, I'm not sure I'd want him to say "OKAAAYYY!" because then I'd feel insecure or something. I'd be all "Man, can't you ad lib something like "AWESOME!" or "GREAT SHIT!"

Just Blaze: Just's ad libs aren't too ridiculous. He pretty much says his name, which I am fine with. For those people not familiar with his style or beats I suppose its a little self promotion, which never hurt anyone. (MIKE JONES, WHO?!) Then again, I am a Roc supporter and have always thought Just's beats and production were off the hook so maybe I'm missing some ridiculous shit he does.

Jazze Pha: Okay, Jazze used to be cool and chill in the background just doing his thing, but for some reason, when he started producing Ciara, he felt the need to start shouting out his name. Which is fine but it was in the played out E-40, Snoop Dogg way, too. "JAZZE PHIZZLE PRODUCSHIZZLE!!" Is that really necessary? Especially since people stopped using "izz" in the middle of random words like 2-3 years ago. And he's also all about talking to the people apparently "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!"

Swizz Beats: I been a fan of Swizz's production ever since he was the go to guy on production for Ruff Ryders. For several years though, he was a quiet producer, and I was cool with that. A little self promotion here and there is cool, but for some reason in the last few years he's obsessed with screaming out his name on a track. "SWIZZY!" He also apparently really thinks he's fucking awesome because he also calls himself "THA MONSTA!!!" I suppose that's somewhat accurate. Dude looks like a hella lanky spider. He also does this interesting very hyped up scream on the track that if it were a bit louder would freak me out and make me run for the hills. Fuck the women and children, I'm about NUMBER ONE, BABY!

Stay tuned for Part 3, where I talk about DJ ad-libs....