I'm a BAD! Mothafuckin DJ.

I feel like it's that time of the month where I appease all the leeches by posting up a bunch of music to download. This time around, I felt like sharing some of my DJ Shadow shit with the faceless internet. I'm not in the business of posting "official" easy to find releases, so here's a bunch of his secondary stuff.

In case you're somehow not familiar with DJ Shadow, he's this guy who came out with a record in 1996 solely comprised of samples, and it's one of the greatest records in the history of music. His last official record was "The Outsider", which despite having one of the best songs of all last year on it (David Banner's "Seein' Thangs"), it still kind of sucked. I don't really hold it against him, since he's provided me with enough stellar music that it can be easily overlooked. Enough of this. Here's the music.

Radio One Essential Mix 3/30/03

Taken from the UK's Radio One Essential Mix show with that famous British guy. Though this was never an official release, it's pretty common amongst DJ Shadow fans, so chances are you have this already. If you don't, you should definitely grab it if you're a fan of obscure 80's hip hop. This is hands down the best single mix of music I've ever heard in my life.
There was never a complete tracklist for this mix released, and back in '03 most people were clueless as to what the songs were, but since the rise of the Free Music blog, I'm sure there's a 15 year old in Norway who can tell you what half of this shit is. The mix clocks in at just around two hours and it's dope the whole way through.

Funky Skunk Mix

This mix came out a little before The Outsider was released. It was originally a bonus CD if you bought some limited edition Shepard Fairy OBEY T-Shirt, but it may have gotten a wider release since then. It's around an hour long and the first section proves that Shadow should have went with Southern Rap instead of Hyphy when it came to making his "artist departure" record. Outside of the Essential Mix, this is my favorite mix of his.

Endtroducing Sample Sources

I found this on Soulseek a while ago, but a quick Google search tells me this has also been on Torrent sites. It's a 36 track homemade compilation of some of the sample sources that went into making the classic "Endtroducing" record. The folder is broken down by songs so you can look like a scholar to your friends when you know exactly what track Shadow used that Meredith Monk song in. I am not providing you with a tracklist. You either want this or you don't. Don't be a pussy.

Brainfreeze Breaks

These are a good chunk of the tracks used to make the Brainfreeze project with Cut Chemist. The release info on this one is questionable. As you can find it on a lot of UK sites including Amazon, but I still think it's some kind of bootleg. There is supposed to be 26 tracks on here, but for some reason I only have 23. I checked and the last 3 on the "official" release are cut off. If you would like a tracklist, search "brainfreeze breaks" on Google. Your fingers aren't broken, asshole.

Miami Bass Mix 9/9/98

This was taken from another UK Radio show because the UK seemed to be on the up and up with DJ Shadow well before us dumb Americans. I got this from the old Cocaine Blunts message board, I think. It's good if you like Miami Bass or if you're throwing a party and you hope to seem some girls shake their asses hypnotically.

Megatroid Mix (Diplo vs. DJ Shadow)

This is a bunch of Diplo and DJ Shadow stuff mixed together. I would have assumed this is a bootleg, since given the talent and musical output involved, it kind of sucks, but I've seen it on a couple mail order sites. I don't know the person who made this mix, but they could have done better.

One Night in Bangkok

I neglect this mix the most. According to Wikipedia, the breathing enclyclopedia, only a portion of this is actually DJ Shadow. I knew this was a bootleg, but I never knew that part. Anyway, it's a live mix, and no one knows where it's from. The rumor is Thailand, but probably not. I'd say grab it if you're a completist, but if you're a completist, that would mean you would already have this.

Zimbabwe Legit - Shadow's Legitimate Mix

Back in the early 90's, there was some group named Zimbabwe Legit, and Shadow did this track on their record. This was a few years before Shadow was known (except I'm sure UK people knew who he was). Shadow's site says this record was re-released in 2005, but it's not like any of you are going to rush out to buy it, so here's the one track you would need off of it.

Live At Bonnaroo 6//16/07

This is so new! Here's Shadow's set from this year's Bonnaroo Corporate Hippie Festival. I don't understand that Bonnaroo shit man. It seems to be a lot of music hippies are into, but I've heard a lot of hippies aren't into Bonnaroo anymore because they are sellouts or something, but I mean, they're hippies in the 21st Century. It's not like they can take a time machine back to the 60's when the shit was poppin'.
Anyway, Shadow mixes all of his own stuff during this set. It's pretty cool. There's also a section with Lateef The Truth Speaker that I could have done without.

I was also going to post the Influx EP, but you can find that on Pre-Emptive Strike, and then I was going to post the Keane remix he did, but I didn't feel like ripping the vinyl, since I don't keep my stuff in order and have no real idea where it is. Enjoy bloodsuckers.