Hip Hop Ad Libs - Better than Comedy Central - Part 1

This is a topic that I've been thinking about for a while now, and more recently been talking to my boys about. Hip Hop ad libs straight up make me laugh out loud when I hear them. Initially you know, before I started really thinking about it, to me, they were just part of songs, right? I mean, they're usually sort of in the background, nothing you really think about, now and then they'll be a little louder and more obnoxious, so you can't help but notice them...but usually when you're cruising in your car, bumping some music, you just go along with it. I did too, hell. And yes, I do listen to obnoxiously loud hip hop turned up and like to drive through upper class neighborhoods, just to piss people off. Its awesome to do because people don't expect that shit, you should see the double take most uppity people do when they turn around and look at the driver of my car, expecting to see a young minority male, but see my ass instead. I'm breaking paradigms like Terry Tate, man. But that's beside the point.

Anyway. Recently I've been listening to ad libs and just laughing my ass off about them. When you take them out of context, they're just ridiculous sometimes. I'll break them down into three categories of who does them- rappers, producers, and DJs. Now obviously I'm not going to cover them ALL, but what to me are the most noticeable or frequent, and I'll just give a little commentary about each of them. I just want to know what the motivation is behind them, where do they come up with this shit?


Young Jeezy: His LAZY ASS "Heyyyyyyy" And "Yeaaahhhhh" have permeated the airwaves since 2005 on "Soul Survivor" (yes, I know he had albums before this, but no one knew who the fuck he was before then, so I start with his Lets Get It: Thug Motivation 101 album.) He sounds so fucking lazy when he says this shit, like he's laid out on his couch and is so lazy or tired or high that all he can do is muster up an unenthusiastic "Heyyyyyy" and "Yeahhhhh". What the hell?

50 Cent: When I first heard 50's first album in '99/'00, I REALLY liked "How to Rob". Every damned line in that song (plus with Madd Rapper, how can you go wrong with D. Dot??) made me say "OHHHHHHHH!!!!" all loud and cover my mouth and shit. "Thug Love" was my jam though, and still is. Keith Murray and Em kill that track. And I'll admit when I heard his next release in late 2002 (my brother copped the album before the release, yeah he bootlegged it, we're so Asian, blah blah blah) I thought 50 was the second coming. His mixtape shit was clever as hell, and despite the commercial shit on the album, I thought it was well done, well produced, just an all around good hip hop album with something for everyone...not to mention the beef with Ja made me all happy like a kid in a candy store. No joke. I hate Ja Rule with a burning passion. It was this album that I heard more of the rest of G-Unit, and I'm not even gonna lie, I thought his ad lib of "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-UNIT" was some seriously awesome shit. Of course later with the beef with The Game I thought it was clever for him to play off the ad lib and make it into "G-U Not" and since then I just don't think its as cool for some reason. As far as where he got it from, I haven't the faintest idea...except maybe he had a stutter at one point.

Tony Yayo: Okay Tony's semi-muted "HERE WE GO NOW" just cracks me the fuck up. I picture him in the studio, drinking a Rockstar, and then when his turn comes up to get on the mic, he jumps out his chair, and screams that out before starting his verse. He MAY even do a little G dance before he does it. EVERY time I hear him do that shit, I just laugh. Its so god damned enthusiastic, too. On "So Seductive" you can almost hear his voice crack when he does it, too. Hilarious. (Also, why are the whites of his eyes always SO GOD DAMNED WHITE?! Does he bleach those motherfuckers or what?)

Jadakiss: For Jada its less ridiculous than others, but you always hear his signature laugh/cackle, which I actually think is cool. Its such an arrogant asshole sort of laugh, and it just fits him perfectly. 'Course he always shouts out D-Block on almost every track, which is fine, he's just representin'.

Juelz Santana: I never paid much attention to Juelz despite everyone else and they mama thinking he was the shit. Wasn't till "What the Game's Been Missing" that I actually thought he was decent, his flows always seemed a bit off and juvenile to me, maybe that album should have been called "What MY Game's Been Missing" since it seems like that's when he finally got it together. Anyway, starting from this album I noticed that he'd do this shout that sounded like "Ay ay ay ay!" (I type it like that since he pronounces it like the "Ay" in "Ay, mami/papi" Now it sounds ridiculous, right, but for some reason he makes it cool. I can't even envision in my mind where he might have gotten this from except maybe those are the noises he makes when he's trying to holler at a girl and she keeps walking instead of stopping to talk to him.

Fabolous: Say what you will about Fabolous, but I've been on Loso's tip since "Ghetto Fabolous". His ad libs are kinda funny, but you obviously don't need to guess where he got them from. Early in his career he'd shout out the first four letters of his name "F-A-B-O!" and now more recently it seems like he shouts out the last four letters of his name..."L-O-S-O!" What's funny to me is that he butchered the spelling of the word fabulous to begin with, possibly on purpose, and then sort of changed the spelling on his own name even further.

To be Continued...