R.I.P. Big Moe

I'm not going to pretend like I'm some S.U.C. historian or anything, but it's sad to see all of these dudes dying off when they're responsible for such a weird subgenre of music that I enjoy and respect in a completely non-ironic way. I'm sure I will write more when it comes time for our little end of the month dork show, but I thought I'd put up this video and do the typical blogger thing of digging out the "Purple Stuff" 12" from my collection, ripping it, and posting it up here for anyone who might actually be curious who the fuck Big Moe was. Unfortunately, this doesn't include a screwed and chopped version.

Big Moe - Purple Stuff b/w When I 12" (2002)

1a. Purple Stuff (Radio mix)
2a. Purple Stuff (Instrumental)
3a. Purple Stuff (Acapella)

1b. When I (Radio mix)
2b. When I (Instrumental)
3b. When I (Acapella)

Get it right here.

Here's the Remix of Purple Stuff Feat. Project Pat, thanks to Phatty.