Ask A Pornstar - Kaiya Lynn

So, in the tradition of the book "Ask a Mexican", I decided to copy that (since I hardly have any original ideas) and do "Ask a Pornstar". There just so happen to be quite a few pornstars who like hip hop quite a bit, and not just the club shit that you get jiggy with. However, due to the notoriously flighty nature of porn chicks, I am not sure how often I'll be able to do this segment per se, but I thought it'd be a cool and maybe interesting.

The particular pornstar in question is Kaiya Lynn. She's been in the business about 2 and a half years now, and she just so happens to be a friend of mine, and a hip hop fan herself. I first produced the movie ""PervAsian" with her as the main star on the boxcover, and after we became friends and I realized she actually liked having sex and giving blowjobs for real, I hired her to work on projects I was working on a lot more. Everyone loves a pornstar who likes to fuck, after all. There's too many bitches that mail that shit in.

The first picture you see here is a picture of us at a party we went to after the GZA concert when he appeared at The Knitting Factory a couple years ago out here in LA. The second picture was at a party last year. The third picture is one that she took especially for this blog, actually, its a "personal" one that you won't find on all those porn sites. And no, I didn't make this shit up, she answered it all coherently and articulately as I transcribed it here. If you ever see her at a convention, ask her and she'll tell you.

1. So how long have you been a fan of hip hop?

A very long time, 15+ years since I was a wee little bear in the hood.

2. Who's your favorite hip hop artist and why?

Tupac. Because that is where my heart is. We both grew up in the same neighborhood and all of his videos, especially "to live and die in la" is a documentary of the sights and sounds I knew as a child. I know the experience of growing up in south central la and can relate to what he says on a personal level even though we didn't grow up on the same block. But I have seen the poverty, the police, murders and robberies, gun fights and that changes you in a way that is hard to describe unless you have lived in the community or were blessed with the gift that Tupac had which was to make you visualize the experience through his songs. Another reason that Tupac is my favorite is because not all of his songs were about his life, some were just songs you could just dance to or listen to and feel happy. (ie california love, gangsta party)

3. Who's your favorite hip hop GROUP and why?

I don't really have a favorite hip hop group. I have always been a fan of individual hip hop artists because you can see there unique characteristics and sometimes those get washed away or looked over when you are in a group. I am a big fan of collaborations more so than groups.

4. Are there any artists you wish would come out with a new and good album?

Hmmmmm. I am getting sensory overload with what is being shown on video stations and the radio. It seems to be the same eight songs and I only like one of them...I think. Honestly, I still listen to my old stuff from Tupac, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Dre Dre and NWA if I am listening to hip hop and I am content with that. Reason being see next question...

5. What are your thoughts on the state of hip hop today?

I think there is a bunch of songs that are catchy to the younger folk that experience hip hop as it is now and not as it was when it was becoming a major force in the music world. It seems like anyone with a new dance move can get a record deal when other artists who are lesser known and possibly not tapped into are looked over because it is felt they won't meet the mainstream criteria and not make as much profits.

So that's that. She's a girl and all, and she's cool and all, but we're both busy and I ain't got time to ask her more questions. But if you'd like to pitch some (REAL and NOT porn related, I'm sick of that shit) questions, I'll be happy to field 'em to her and maybe get her opinion on some shit before we move onto the next pornstar.

And yes, I'm working on my mix. I already picked the songs, now I just need to blend 'em.