FALL CLASSIC Mixtape Update

If you missed the original post about this WONDERFUL AMAZING TRULY ONE OF A KIND contest, go right here and read up on the rules and ENTER RIGHT NOW!!

We are doing this crap First Come First Served. So every four mixes get put into a group. Right now we have 7 in, so the first group is done and we're waiting for Raven's dial up to download a couple 30MB files within a few days. I'm personally hoping E.T. comes down from space and touches that shit with his glowing finger to speed up the slow rural Virginia internet for him.

Anyway, this is how group A is lined up.

Chivato, representing Chivato's Lounge
Emil representing Finland
Mike Dikk representing the Dumpin Home Field Advantage
Emory, representing the PSy/Opsogist

Group B Lineup:

What It Is representing Tree Beats
Jay Pud representing WST
Web Conn (?) representing something or other.
Dart Adams representing Poisonous Paragraphs

Here's some other people that showed interest but haven't provided a mix yet.

Raven Wack
DJ Rah-Bee
Nate Science Gone Mad
Travis WYDU
Patrique Allah

We are still looking for people to fill this out, so please tell your friends and promote this on your website/Myspace/local bulletin board if you know of anyone who would be interested.

Hopefully the Group A mixes, reviews, rankings and voting polls will be up within the week.