FALL CLASSIC - call for combatants

Me and Mike are always brainstorming ideas about how to involve you - the average fool wasting your life trapped inside internetz - within this blog. I will install AOL instant messenger, and we’ll coordinate gravity bong hits at our respective homes, and then chat about things we can do to make this blog (and previously the other xpertwhiteboyz one as well) more interesting, entertaining, and attention-ensnaring to the attention deficit disorder world we all live up on the top of.
Here is our latest motherfucking idea, that will sink or swim depending upon the outside involvement of other people. We call it the DUMPIN.NET MIXTAPE CHALLENGE FALL CLASSIC, thinking that if it goes over well, we might be able to do it again in the spring, and if it goes over but not awesomely well, we could do it again next fall and try it again, and if nobody responds to this post at all, then fuck it, congratulations internet for pissing on another stupid idea’s spark before it even had half a chance to catch fire.
So here’s the deal... we are taking emails for involvement (either at mikedikk at the gmails dot com or ravenmack at the gmails dot com) to be up in this piece. It will work like so... 16 chosen individuals (and there’s a good chance me and mike will be up in the mix) will be broken down into four groups of four, who will all make a 25 to 30 minute megamix of whatever theme they want. This mix can be hip hop basically, or not hip hop at all, it can be theme-related, you can rar together rare mp3s or you can make a continuous mix in audacity or protools or whatever the fuck you want. Shit, you can make your own beats and rhyme over them or play guitar by a bonfire while a 4-track records that shit. But for the first round, rules are keep it between 25 to 30 minutes. All four folks for each of the first round four-fool battles will upload their shit, and basically moving on will work like this. Me and Mike will rank those shits one through four (on each list 1st gets 3 pts, 2nd gets 2 pts, and 3rd gets 1 pt, with 4th being zero). Me and Mike will upload the four mixes to internet file sharing devices (meaning Mike since I’m still on internet welfare), and we’ll make a post laying out our views on the mixes and our rankings. A poll will go up where the rest of the world gets to vote for whatever mix (or mixes, you can vote multiple votes in one vote) is the shit, and the internetz poll will have the same points 1st through 4th shit we had. Winner moves into the finals. We have four first round four-man battles, and maybe whatever one non-winner shows and proves the best will be a fifth wild card in the final as well. Finals will be the same deal, but a 35 to 40 minute mix, to highlight your music dorkery to the fullest. After that round, winner will receive a prize package (thus far, I have promised to spray paint an empty forty bottle gold and hand paint the winner’s name on it and Mike said he’d probably get an XXL subscription or something) and also the completely useless accolades of other internet dorks.
So hit us up on the emails and let’s fill up this 16-person field and share music the way it was meant to be shared - not just uploaded for downloading ease but mixed together in odd and highly personal ways.

update: 8 spots filled. we are adding 2 auxiliary spots because we know people can be deadbeats sometimes. sign up soon!