Be Back Tomorrow

Hello Friends.

I just got back home from the long weekend over my girlfriend's house, so I felt I should tell you when to expect real updates.

The monthly top 25 will be a few more days. I was really expecting to come home and be able to post it, but it seems there's a couple slackers not doing their part at the moment, so hopefully it will be up by the 6th.

We have reached 21 in our tedious top 100 jamz countdown, meaning my next post will be a bulk upload of numbers 21-40, along with re-ups of all the other download packages. I know how much the internet loves downloading stuff, so internet rejoice!

That's all really. I think Raven might be starting up the Jambox polls again this week, or maybe he won't be. Who knows.

Oh, I also made this mix over the weekend. I'm not overly proud of it. There's an "I Choose You" medley that originally came out seamless, but then I had to fuck with some stuff and I fucked it all up. I had to work with stuff on my ipod and stuff on my girl's iTunes since I wasn't home, but it's ok to listen to I guess.

I don't have a proper tracklist, but it goes something like this.

Asha Bhosle - Jawani Jan-E-Man
DJ Shadow - Drums of Death
BDP - We In There
Theodore Unit & Bonecrusher - Who Are We
MF Doom - Hey !
Willie Hutch - I Choose You
Outkast & UGK - International Player's Anthem
Project Pat & Three 6 Mafia - I Choose You
The Sylvers - Only One Can Win
J Dilla - Two Can Win
De La Soul - Biddies in the BK Lounge
Quasimoto - Fatbacks
I'm forgetting the song right here...
Company Flow (secretly featuring RA the Rugged Man) - Help Wanted
Cypress Hill & Sonic Youth - Mary Jane
Outkast - Elevators

Download it right here