7s - Ruminations on 50 Cent

So what with all the press that 50's been getting lately I've been thinking quite a bit on his actions in the last couple weeks, some of which make me shake my head, some of which make me laugh, and some of which still make me give him a lot of god damned respect. I'm sure some of this is old news to those of you hip hop nerds out there, but keeping up on hip hop iz hrd when you're trolling WoW forums, playing WoW, and making porn. What can I say.

1. Souljah boy interview: When I heard about this I prayed to the hip hop gods to PLEASE PLEASE not let Souljah Boy be the next member of G-Unit for one, and for two, please to not let 50 lose ALL credibility in my book by saying that Souljah Boy was a good artist or made good music. Thankfully, that didn't happen. However what DID happen roffled my waffles. The part where 50 stops the barber and tells him not to get too crazy on the eyebrows had me dying, as well as his proposed solution to if the barber took one of Souljah Boy's eyebrows off entirely. 50 really has no filter in between his mouth and his brain, and its comedy.

2. 50 Cent & Jim Jones on Rap City: I was checking my mail yesterday when my roommate gave me THIS information. 50 Cent introducing Mr. Ballin' himself on Rap City, as a guest. Interestingly enough although Jones reps Dipset a few times, he wasn't wearing any chains, or anything, and although they sort of beat around the bush about it, they both had said some shit that would fall under the category of "Things that make you go hmmm"

50's intro to Jim Jones:
"I told ya'll earlier I was gonna bring someone NEW into G-Unit...I might have a new sound and I might not...you see I got the whole G-Unit here, I'm gonna get it goin..."

Jim Jones' reply to the introduction:
"You know me, I'm a hustler, so I'm always open for more money and things like that...I got a new deal pending...someone done offered me a whole bunch of money I can't refuse..."

Obviously there's mad speculation as to whether or not Jim Jones is really gonna leave Dipset after being one of its founding members and all, but hey, after him and Cam not really being on the best of terms, I wouldn't really be surprised. As my boy told me last night, if anything it'd be hilarious to see the combination of the "dumb out" and the "BALLIN~!"

3. "I Get Money (Remix)" featuring Jay Z and Diddy: I heard this shit as a world premiere yesterday on an LA hip hop station (meaning it must have already been played on Hot 97 2 weeks ago, but hey) and I swear to god my roommate and I MARKED THE FUCK OUT in the car driving home from work. We were as inspired as choirgirls in a Baptist church. We screamed, we damn near fainted, and when they played it a SECOND time, it made me say to myself, "This is why I love hip hop." 50 did a new verse for it, Diddy actually was decent and so was Jay. They had some clever ass rhymes and I'm stealing this from the interweb and making it my new ringtone. Fuck you AT&T you ain't getting mo' money from me! (Um and by the way, anyone got a CD quality version of tis song? All I can get is the radio version. If you got it, hook your girl up, plskthx)

4. Screamfest: Yeah, yeah so this is old news, but every time I watch this clip I can't help but be like "what the FUCK?" 50 coming on stage and completely freaking out Jay, and then stealing Kanye's thunder to me was god damn hilarious.
And by the way, T.I. is straight retarded. Seriously.

5. Backstage breakfast with 50 Cent: This is something that happened last week on Power 106, one of TWO LA hip hop stations, and although it was pretty much what you'd expect, the DJs trying to start shit and make 50 say something, I was kind of surprised at one point though. The DJ asked 50, if he could make a 3 member group called "The Wack MCs" who would he put on there, he obviously said Ja and the Game first, and then the third person was Lil' Wayne, (which was a bit of a surprise to me personally, although the beef starting stewing a few weeks ago, from what I understand) and he said Kanye could produce, and that Fat Joe could be their hype man. That last bit made me LOL IRL for real. I thought his beef with Fat Joe was long dead, but apparently Fif holds grudges.

6. 50 on 106th and Park with Kanye: I have heard SOME stupid speculation that they split screened this shit, but who knows. What interested me was that they hosted together before 50's remarks on Power 106, so who the fuck knows what goes on in his mind. He vacillates back and forth between what he thinks and feels all the time. I was prepared to say he was being a big man for doing this but again, then he disses Kanye out the other side of his mouth on the radio show. Go figure.

7. 50's a sore loser: I love all the shit talking he did, and now according to SOHH he's talking like Def Jam is cheating on the sales numbers, and ALSO that he just doesn't feel motivated to make records anymore. Doesn't matter anyway since he's got tracks laid down for another album that he was going to release instead of Curtis, and his last album on his contract is going to be a greatest hits album. Not like he needs to actually MAKE another album anyway, but *shrugs* go figure.