7s - Just Don't Give a Fuck

So I decided to totally jack Raven's 7s list because 7 is my lucky number. And also because it just so happened to fit the amount of people I wanted to put on this list, even though I am sure minutes after I post this I will come up with several more names but oh well. Such is life when you're prone to estrogen induced shenanigans 'cause you're a god damned female. But I digress.

Anyway, so this is my list of 7 artists I think just don't give a fuck about being an actual ARTIST. Some of them DID give a fuck at some point in their careers, some of them NEVER gave a fuck, but the bottom line is - at this point, they just don't care.

Rick Ross: This guy never gave a fuck. Apparently he guested on some of Trina's tracks and some random and semi-obscure Southern/Miami type shit prior to Port of Miami being released. I don't recall hearing him on anything I had ever listened to prior to hearing the "Hustlin' Remix". Anyone who's ever heard him I am sure can attest that he is probably one of the worst artists with absolutely no lyrical talent whatsoever. He sure can repeat lyrics over and over again though. Furthermore, I mean his intro into "Hustlin" was:

"Who the fuck you think you fuckin with, I'm the fuckin boss,
Seven forty-five white on white that's fuckin Ross..."

Wow. Maybe I'm ignorant and don't know, but as far as I know, no one was trying to fuck with him, because who the fuck is he anyway, and talking about your car is really getting to be some played out shit. Not only that but who the fuck cares if you drive a 745 anyway? I'm a bit of a car fan, and I'm sorry but that shit ain't even THAT expensive in the long term scheme of things. Its about the same price as a god damned Escalade. Talk to me about a Ferrari Enzo or else an AMG built CL. Or if you wanna go with BMW, then how about an M6? Now THAT'S being a high roller. Shit. He's talking about being proud of riding in a spoiled, stuck up LA housewife with no kids vehicle. Furthermore, I don't know necessarily about his crack dealing habits prior to getting into music, but it appears based on his lyrics that he seems to have an identity crisis with the infamous REAL Ricky Ross.

Pimp C: I think Pimp C before he went to jail did give a fuck. Perhaps it was all the people screaming "FREE PIMP C" that made him think that maybe he was better than he was, but when I heard UGK for the first time on "Big Pimpin" I actually liked Pimp C better than Bun B. I thought his flows were pretty sick at the time, but since he's come back I haven't been too impressed with his shit. I mean, in "International Players Anthem" for instance, his verse just made me laugh because it was retarded, and not in the good way. I mean,

"My bitch a choosey lover, never fuck without a rubber,
never in the sheets, like it on top of the cover".

...um...what?? So..okay, he's saying that his bitch uses protection and doesn't fuck inside the bed covers. To refer to the EAW 25 this month, I don't really care about a rapper's sex life, who the fuck does? I mean, I MIGHT if Pimp C was actually attractive but even then I couldn't care less. I see too much fucking on the daily, I don't care about it in my music, I only care about fucking if *I* am involved. And the last two lines of that verse?

"Some hoes wanna choose but them bitches too scary,
your bitch chose me, you ain't a pimp you a fairy"

I'm sorry but to me that shit makes no sense. Okay, so you don't like scarily ugly bitches. But then he goes into a non sequitur of the fact that whoever he's talking to had a girlfriend who left him for Pimp C which now apparently makes the listener homosexual. Hmm yeah, good game there, Pimp C, good fucking game. Or as us interweb video game geeks say: GG. However, in closing, based on his tattoos he likes Asians or Asian culture so I gotta give the man props for that.

Young Jeezy: This mugshot of his is classic. Gotta love that shirt he's wearing. LOL. Here's yet another rapper who I think just never gave a fuck about his serious lack of rapping skillz0rz. And the best part is, he's on the "Hustlin' Remix" so its like 2 of 3 of the people are card carrying members of the very leet Wack MCs Club. Obviously he doesn't care if he's actually any GOOD, I mean, a line that's always killed me on "Go Crazy":

"I'm emotional, I hug the block,
I'm so emotional, I hug my glock"

At least it rhymes, I guess. And "Soul Survivor"? Bitch please.

"Gotta watch your moves 'cuz them eyes be on you,
gotta drive real cool when them pies be on you"

...or some shit. The ONLY song Jeezy's EVER done that was worth more than a shit was "Dreamin" mainly because he talks some real shit on that track, and because it lacks his signature retarded in a bad way ad libs.

Cam'ron: I actually was a fan of Cam in the beginning. Sure he did some commercial shit, but I mean, listen to his flows in "Horse and Carriage" as opposed to his flows in, oh, say, "Murda, Murda". The first two lines of his verse in "Murda, Murda" are just garbage and completely representative of his: "Fuck you I won't spit any decent lyrics because I don't give a fuck" attitude. I mean:

"Killa killa, more killin' killin' for killa killa,
feel the deal, the chinchillas, they can fit on gorillas"

The fuck is that bullshit? It makes me sad that there was a time that Cam actually used to be a little more on the clever side. I mean, hell, he even SOUNDS a lot different when you compare "Horse and Carriage" to "Murda, Murda". He used to sound more upbeat and on his shit, nowadays he even SOUNDS lazy. I can't help but wonder if he changed up his weed smoking habits by a metric shit ton. It ain't even like he doesn't care because he has a whole lot of MONEY, either.

R. Kelly: This picture is a prime example of how much ol' Kells has fallen the fuck off the edge of sanity. Anyway, I know almost for sure that not one person that writes for this blog ever felt R. Kelly all THAT much. I mean, he is generally on some crooning to the bitches to get their panties thrown at him on stage shit, so I assume dudes don't like his music unless they're using it to get into a chick's panties. Now, I USED to like R. Kelly, way back when I was a younger, sillier female and thought that his music with The Public Announcement was some serious R & B shit. (I still think so, actually) "Honey Love" and "Dedicated" were my jams. I liked him even more when he went solo and did 12 Play, I mean, holy shit, that man was putting out some FIYAH! I mean, any track from that album would have had me throwing my underage panties onstage too. R. Kelly was all right, R. was okay, and then things just kind of started to go downhill a bit...and then one day, Trapped in the Closet was born. What in God's name possessed Kells to put out THAT garbage, I have no fucking clue. And then in recent history he seems to be doing this shitty ass combination of singing and rapping and acting like he's GANGSTA, and its just AWFUL. I don't know when it happened but apparently "The ARRAH" has lost touch with reality and seems to just not give a fuck and think any garbage he spews out of his mouth is money.

All right so, I left these two for last because of their recent so called beef so I figured I'd lump them together. A lot of what I had planned to say unfortunately got said by Raven and BWT, so I adjusted it a little to save ya'll from redundancy.

50 Cent: As I have stated before, there was a time when I really liked 50. I thought "How to Rob" was some heat, I listened to "Thug Love" and still do on repeat. His Ja Rule mixtapes were hilarious. Most of his beef oriented music has been good shit and/or entertaining. But a while back he arrived at "I don't give a fuck anymore" train station, and has not left there since. He's become like a big corporate entity all by his damn self. He's no longer even a person, like Raven said, he's like a fucking hologram puppet like the President was in The Dark Knight Returns that Frank Miller did.

"Have a baby by me baby
Be a millionaire
I write a check before the baby comes
Who the fuck cares"

I was unaware that there were people out there that were so fucking arrogant that they would say this shit. How about:

"Get a tan I'm already black
Rich I'm already that
Gangsta get a gat
Hit a head in a hat
Call that a riddle rap"

I'm going to assume that there is some obscure reference in there to some beef he has with someone else the week he recorded that, but if there is, I can't see it. I'm really trying hard to see where the sense is in that but maybe 50 is SO CLEVER that he REALLY means a RIDDLE and because he's so clever I didn't even know there was a riddle there? I hope so because I feel like 50's a lot more talented than I've been seeing for a couple years and it almost makes me sad to think that he just doesn't give a fuck about USING the talent he's got.

Kanye West: I agree with BWT that Kanye and 50 are probably the same person. They do have enough shit in common, and it again makes me so sad that they've got so much talent and yet they're SO rich that they could care less about using their talent, let alone sharing it with other people. I mean, I always loved Kanye's production, and contrary to all the other hip hop heads I know, I actually think he has decent flows. Or rather, HAD. Admittedly he did play out his production style to DEATH with the sped up old school r&b samples, but his production could still be very good. But after College Dropout was such a big hit, he came out with Late Registration and of course all the hip hop heads I know told me that this was so amazing, and College Dropout was shit compared to it, etc etc. I disagreed. VEHEMENTLY. I mean, "Jesus Walks" was some inspirational shit. And I'll admit that I feel "Never Let Me Down" to the point that its made me feel a little teary. Actually no, I wasn't teary eyed, I must have had something in my eye because I don't cry. But see, what makes me actually feel sad is that Kanye sort of saw it coming that his content would just get worse, I mean, his intro lines on "Breathe in, Breathe Out" are:

Golly, more of that bullshit ice rap
I got to 'pologize to Mos and Kweli
But is it cool to rap about gold
If I told the world I copped it from Ghana and Mali?
First nigga with a Benz and a backpack
Ice chain, Cardi lens, and a knapsack
Always said if I rapped I'd say somethin' significant
But now I'm rappin' 'bout money, hoes, and rims again
And it's still about the Benjamins

He's so much like 50 because he actively acknowledges that all its about is money. Sure it makes the world go 'round but I guess so-called PURISTS like me will stop respecting an artist like Kanye and 50 because of the fact that they don't give a fuck about anything but money and make sure you KNOW that. But back to my point - Kanye hasn't done anything really worthwhile since his first album. I thought College Dropout was amazing, but of course everyone discounts what I say anyway if I don't agree with them because I'm a girl and what the hell do girls know about hip hop anyway, right?