New Year's Download Bonanza

Happy New Year fuckers. If you haven't heard yet, and you probably have, because I doubt my blog is the first thing on anyone's bookmark list, Madlib & Talib Kweli just released a free 9 song CD called "Liberation". Thanks to Rap Cats, you can download it your damn self.

Click here to start the download.

I also uploaded the entire Madlib "Mind Fusion" collection, in case anyone out there is interested.

Madlib - Mind Fusion vol. 1 through vol. 3

Madlib - Mind Fusion vol. 4 & 5

This New Year, I resolve to actually update this blog every once in a while, with vinyl rips, actual music reviews, more Three Six Mafia Project and the god damn 100 Hip Hop Jamz Project that has been in limbo for a few months now. Stay tuned, I guess. Or don't. Whatever.